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I became an Avon Representative because I love the products and as the years have passed, I have become even more impressed with the company. I personally use the complete Anew skincare line and I am a daily user of the Night Magic fragrance. The products are amazing!  And who do you know that is not a fan of Skin So Soft? This is not your grandmother’s Avon. I look forward to sharing the new Avon experience with you at my Avon boutique.

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Winterize Your Skin – The Toner

 From the Desk of  Clearissa's Command Center/Avon Diva Winterize Your Skin -  Step II - The Toner Last week we discussed the all-important cleanser. But I'll bet you're wondering what…

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Winterize Your Skincare

Winterize Your Skincare – The Cleanser

From the Desk of Clearissa Coward's Command Center ~ Avon Diva Winterize Your Skincare - The Cleanser We are embarking on a new year as well as a new season. It is wintertime and with that…

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Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard – Your Summer Protection

From Clearissa Coward’s Command Center AVON Skin So Soft Bug Guard Apply Skin So Soft Bug Guard, and you can help to keep your skin free of certain bug bites. These products work to repel…

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The Many Faces of Avon Skin So Soft

From Clearissa Coward’s Command Center/Avon Diva                The Many Faces of  Avon Skin So Soft Avon Skin So Soft has been a staple in my home for many years and I have used it…

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It's Back - Vitamin C

It’s Back…Vitamin C

From the Desk of Clearissa Coward's Command Center It's Back - Vitamin C This article will take a bit of different take on organization. Today we will talk about and hopefully, organize your summer…

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A Sensitive Skin Shower Gel Hack You Will Love

 Clearissa Coward's Command Center - Shower Gel Hack A Sensitive Skin Shower Gel Hack You Will Love Are you persnickety when it comes to your shower gel or body wash? I am because I have to be. A…

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How to Achieve and Maintain Healthy & Youthful Looking Skin

The Avon Diva Healthy Skin Is A Necessity For A Youthful Appearance Important throw-back Thursday information...always relevant. Many think in order to achieve healthy skin, you need to spend…

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Summer Necessities…And They are on Sale

From the Desk of Clearissa Coward's Command Center via Avon Diva Summer Necessities on Sale Sometimes you just want to pamper your body and make every inch of you feel soft and smooth and just all…

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Don’t Miss Spring Fling

From the Desk of Clearissa' Command Center via Avon Diva Spring is finally here and what type of spring would it be without the Avon spring fling prices? Not a good one I suspect. This is the…

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How to Get Ahead of the Mother’s Day Shopping Frenzy

From the Desk of Clearissa's Command Center via The Avon Diva Mother’s Day is approaching and Avon has you covered for the perfect gift for your special girl. To make it even easier, many of the…

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