Desk Drawer – Office Project I

Desk Drawer Project

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Desk Drawer  – Office Project I

It is the middle of January and I am just getting started with my organizational, DIY, upscaling and crafting projects for 2017. The end of 2016 was quite something for my family and me. First two weeks before Christmas, I was diagnosed with the flu (I had my flu shot in October…ughh), Christmas week my daughter was diagnosed with pneumonia so I had to prepare Christmas dinner and take it to her house to enjoy the children. And the week of the New Year, hubs and I sneaked away to the beach for some much-needed and recuperation time for me.  Although I did some quick decorating for Christmas to share with you guys, it was nothing like I had planned it to be. Oh well…there is always next year, right? 🙂

So here I am ready to get started with our 2017 projects. Before I begin this project, let me share with you guys that I have chosen a word to help me remain focused throughout the year. The word I chose to propel me through this year is “Simplify.” What that means to me is that I am not going to bombard you all with large difficult projects this year. Nope, this year I thought we would tackle lots of small projects to help you live a more organized and clutter-free life. I believe that clutter is noisy and deafens one into a sense of panic and lulls others into a sense of helplessness. However; this year I want to show you that small steps toward an organized life will have an enormous impact on the way your space feels as well as quiet the noise of clutter. So, let’s move on to my first project for 2017. Like I said, it is a small project but it quieted a noisy cluttered space in my office. That space is one of my “desk drawers.”

This project began with a run to the dollar store. I purchased the following items to complete this project.

5 – red storage bins (various sizes)           $3.00

Craft Bond (already in house)                   $0.00

Contact Paper (already in house)              $0.00

My Time                                                        Priceless

The drawer began like this and it was really a problem for me.

Desk Drawer Project IDo you see why this clutter had to be tame? This drawer had gotten ridiculous. Take a look at all of the “stuff” that was thrown into this drawer.

Desk Drawer Project

Once everything was removed from the drawer, I vacuumed it out and sprayed a light coating of the spray bonding into each corner of the drawer. I did not spray it all over the entire bottom to make it easier to remove it in case I want to change it sometime in the future. You all know how I am. So I only bonded the corners and the sides very lightly.

Desk Drawer Project

Next, I did what we always do when we are reorganizing a space, I purged and consolidated the things that would be going back into the drawer and the results follow. But below you can see how much “stuff” was in that one little drawer. The keyword here is “stuff” because a lot of it will not go back into the drawer.

Desk Drawer Project

Below you can see how the project turned out. What a difference, right? Organized and pretty too. Just the way I like it. 🙂  You know if red is not your color, there are sorts of colors and if you can’t find exactly what you want – well, you know my secret weapon spray paint them to make them what you want. And the best part is that you can order from the comfort of your own home to get all of your organizing and decorating containers from the Dollar Store. You can shop online here.

Desk Drawer Project

Desk Drawer Project






That’s it, project number one complete. My next Project will be in the office as well. You know how one project gives birth to several others so there are other things I want to reorganize and revamp in this room. Like I said, this year “simplify” and small steps.  I hope you will come back and follow my progress and share your projects as well. Are you working on something? Either creative or organizational, if so, share. I would love to see some of your ideas.

Below you can see just a few color choices available for storage containers at Doller Tree. And remember sometimes you have more choices when you order online. And they will come directly to your door. 

Desk Drawer Project







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