The Secret to Painting Furniture Using Chalk Paint

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The Secret to Painting Furniture Using Chalk Paint

This was one of my favorite projects and my introduction to the wonders of chalk paint. I hope this throwback Friday will give you some ideas on how versatile paint in general, and chalk paint specifically can be. Paint can make a world of difference.

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If you follow my page, and I certainly hope you do,  you know that I am all about trying new things, especially if they are pretty and hopefully economical. Well, I think I have found both with chalk paint. Not only does chalk paint cover like a dream, I also have a recipe to make your own which makes using it economical. I hope you will love this article.

The Reason for the Project

The original chair was stained dark and had seen better days. It was squeaky and the braces on the bottom were loose. The first steps were to repair the chair.

Chair Before 1 PM Chair Before 2 PM


  • Wood glue
  • Wood nails
  • Dark mahogany stain
  • Paint primer
  • Folkart sheepskin chalk paint
  • Stencil
  • Satin clear polyacrylic
  • Paint brush
  • Sand block
  • Sponge brush
  • Latex gloves
  • Drop cloth (I painted inside)

Repairing the Chair

  • Nailed and glued the weak and squeaky parts of the chair
  • Allowed wood glue to dry for at least 2-hours
  • Sanded the chair lightly (some say you do not have to sand if using chalk paint but I sanded the top of the chair because the original stain was so very dark)
  • Wiped down with a warm wet cloth to remove all of the dust

Get the step-by-step tutorial and see the finished product and several other pictures here.

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The Secret to Painting Furniture Using Chalk Paint — 4 Comments

  1. Looks great! Going to go to next post to see the tutorial 🙂 Thank you Clearissa for sharing this post at the Wednesday AIM Link Party. I shared it on my social media sites.

  2. Hi Dee. Thanks for reading along and sharing. I wrote that a while back and since then I’ve painted other pieces with chalk paint and learned some things along the way. So if you are planning a project and have questions, just ask and I will be happy to help if I can.

  3. HOLY COW! what a difference! i’m a brat and if i feel like my furniture is “dated” i just donate it and get some new furniture… hello?! save money and repurpose it!! this looks great! <3

  4. Hi Justin, I wouldn’t call you a brat. Upcycling isn’t for everyone, but I happen to love it. I get to make it what I want it to be and yes I do like the fact that it costs very little, but it is the creative process that really stokes me. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you will become a regular.

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