21-Day Organization Challenge–Day 14 – Computer Files

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Welcome to a new week.  It’s Monday again and we have   Only 7 days left on our 21-day organization challenge. I’m thinking we will have hot lemon tea this morning. My throat is bothering me and lemon tea always helps. Now to move on to our challenge. This is day 14 of our challenge. Wow, we’ve done well! If you have missed any of the earlier challenges or would like to review, you can find them all here. There is always time to catch.

The concept is that I will suggest a 10 minute assignment daily for the next 21 days. You read that right I am only asking for 10 minutes out of your day to spend on each area/project. I guarantee you will see a difference when the challenge is over. The challenge begins on January 6, 2015 and ends January 27, 2015.

Remember to set your timer or alarm on your cell phone so that you do not get involved and spend more than the allotted 10 minutes (that would be a disaster). Just kidding, I realize sometimes organizing can become addictive. Today we will be organizing our computer files.

This project is difficult to complete in 10 minutes so today we will prepare for a time when we have more time.

Open your personal data files and create the following folders

  • Personal 2015
  • Family 2015
  • Household 2015
  • Vacations 2015
  • Finances 2015
  • Bills 2015
  • Business (if you have a personal business) 2015
  • Photos 2015
  • Miscellaneous 2015

I realize you may have different folder categories and you should understand each primary category above will have sub-categories, but for the purpose of our 10 minute  project I am getting you started for a project that could actually require a couple of hours to complete.

Now that you have the primary folders in place, you can give some thought as to how you want to sub-categorize when you return to complete this project at a later date.

You can check dates and times on older files and either delete those that are no longer required or archive those that are not relevant at this time but could be of use at a later date.

Once your new folder system is set up, set up a computer cleaner. I like CCleaner. You can download it here.

After CCleaner is complete, run a defrag on your system.

You can run CCleaner and defrag while you go about doing other things .

Note:  You should run your file cleaner and defrag at least once a week. If you only spend the required 10 minutes for today’s project, you will probably need to go back to this project at a later date to completely organize your files. But today’s exercise is a good start.

  1. File like files together
  2. Organize your files by year for easy tracking and archiving.
  3. Be sure to backup your computer files. This is extremely important. If you have a crash or your computer goes down you will have all of your data, pictures, and music files on another device. I use an external hard drive. Others prefer the cloud.

On another note:  as I go through this 10-minute per day challenge, I am also keeping a journal. Today’s journal entry:

  1. I need to purchase a new external hard drive. My current one was dropped by hubby and refuses to reboot any longer.
  2. If you do not completely finish your file organization today, enter the completion of this project in your personal journal.

Enjoy the rest of your day…Enjoy your 10 minutes of organizing and remember…A place for everything and everything in its place.

Visit my site tomorrow for your next 10-minute challenge. See you there!

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