Do You Remember When? The Organization Bug

I am working on a project this week, so today you get a blast from the past. I hope you enjoy…

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Do You Remember When? The Organization Bug

Do you remember when you first realized that you had to organize your closet or you would simply die? I do! I was 16 and living at home and although I had no control over the closet systems or how or when hangers were updated, I knew this was not working for me. Luckily, my folks were patient with what they thought was my disorder and allowed me complete control over my bed and bathrooms and some input over the living room. Why the living room you ask? Well, I may date myself, but what the heck!!! I came up during the time when boys came to your home to date you. Your parents sat in the den and you and your boyfriend had access to the living room, kitchen and a bathroom ONLY! There was none of that “we’re going to my room to listen to some music Mom.” Oh noooo–not in our house. So because I was basically the only one to use the formal living room and I had this “disorder,” therefore, my folks allowed me some input.

It was then I realized that I was different and I needed not only organization but pretty organization to SURVIVE. Remember, I was a dramatic teenager. 🙂 There was an issue; however. And the issue was I had to be creative and come up with all of the new and different changes I wanted to try. Remember this was back in the day of the dinosaurs and we did not have the resources we have today. But alas, fast forward and now we have HGTV, Pinterest, Instagram and much more to acquire inspiration. We no longer need to re-invent the proverbial wheel, we only need to have a creative eye and instinct to pull this from there and that from here to make it work in our personal space…and that is what I do.  Now don’t get me wrong…it is nice to have that creativity to invent as well as incorporate. So I am not complaining because I have it.  And I do like to brush it off and use it to maintain its effectiveness.

Take a look at all of these smart designs on the HGTV site. They may not all fit your space or your personal style, but if you can pull a paint color, or a wall hanging idea, or a floor or counter top design you like, you are using the resources as I feel they should be used. Not to copy exactly, but to pick and choose the suggestions that speak to you, fit your space and family, your personality and your personal style. Today I have chosen a posting from HGTV that focuses on Beautifully Organized and Functional Spaces to share with you. Use what you can and leave the rest for another creative soul. That’s my motto. Enjoy and let me know if you use any of the creative ideas or if you have any great ideas to share!

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