5 Realistic Steps To Reach Your Organizational Goals For January

Organizational Goals

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5 Realistic Steps To Reach Your Organizational Goals For January

Is January stressful for you? Is everyone bombarding you with the “January is national organization month” jargon? Do you feel that you have to begin and finish organizing your entire home, life, car, church, children, etc., all during the month of January? Well, we are bringing this to a complete and screeching halt! What we are going to do in this post is set 5 realistic organizational goals for January.

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First, we are going to stop and breathe. I don’t know about you, but I have other things going on in my life besides organization. Don’t get me wrong, I live and breathe organization, however, I have family obligations, community obligations, a full-time 9 – 5 and then there are the other unexpected obligations that pop up. Like my mother has become ill and lives in another state, therefore, I am on the go a lot more than expected.  And I am certain you all have busy lives as well.

With that said, I know you also want to make organizing your home and life a priority as well. You just don’t want organization to add to the stresses of everyday life. Did I sum that up okay? If so, and it applies to you, keep reading as I am going to show you another way to do this and I am going to join you in the challenge.

Step One

The first step is determining what is most important to you.  What is it in your home that is unorganized and stressing you out. Personally, I have decided that my closets and dresser drawers are causing me stress. And not just mine but hubs as well. Stress is not good and I have decided that dresser drawers and closets are my first priority and I will begin dealing with them during the month of January. So here is my schedule under step one.

10% off Pendant LightingStep One Point Five

I used the first week of January to plan the project. I set begin and end dates and decided which dresser drawers I would start with.

I have decided to commit to purging and organizing every dresser drawer and/or container that holds clothing during the month of January. There you go. That’s it for step one. Not too stressful…right?

Step Two

Choose a start date because the completion date has already been decided upon. For me, I am beginning on January 6th and I will be complete by January 31st.  There you go. Simple time management or the when if you will.

Step Three

Determine how you will work this plan into your day-to-day life without it being too disruptive. The project I’ve chosen is pretty simple and it is sometimes best to begin simple and work your way up to the more difficult tasks. Remember every accomplishment will feed your desire to keep going. Therefore, I have decided that I can purge and organize dresser drawers while watching TV with family or while simply relaxing while doing something that requires little mental stress. As a matter of fact, this can be a relaxing chore because I can remove the drawers from the dresser, if I choose, and work on them while sitting on the couch or on the floor.

lacewigsbuyStep Four

Have a process in place. This simply means the normal purging and organizing process which means, have a toss and donate receptacle at your fingertips. The keep receptacle will be the drawer where the keep items will reside. This is nothing new. I’ve preached this forever. 😊

Step Five

Celebrate your success. That’s right at the end of January, once your project is complete, it’s time to pat yourself on the back and celebrate your progress and success. I love a good massage, so I’m thinking once I have every dresser drawer in my house purged and organized, I will treat myself to a massage. Next month we will plan our next project.

To be perfectly transparent, I am sharing what I am starting with. Below are photos of how a couple of my dresser drawers look now. Hubs likes to say I have a sock issue. And although I do have two drawers that are running over with socks of all fashion style, I do not agree with him. Do not judge me.  🙂 But I will agree…gotta purge!

Organizational Goals Organizational Goals Organizational Goals

Now if you have an issue, you should also have a goal…right? Right and the pictures below. from Home Edit, are what I am striving to have when I’m done. Perhaps my drawers will not look exactly like this, but I am striving for something close. I may even get fancy and try to get my pupster to pose for my completed pictures.  🙂 Organizational Goals Organizational GoalsI am excited to begin a process that will allow me to get my house in order in a way that does not stress me out. I am happy to begin my January project and I have already decided what my February project will be. Do you have a project in mind for January? How about February? How do you feel about stretching projects out over time instead of trying to get it all done in January? Let me know if this process works for you. I would love to hear your take on January as National Organization Month.

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