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Organization:  Storing Paint – The Reveal

So today is the tada moment. We now know that we can organize paint in an efficient and even attractive way.  I have completed the first stage of my project closet redesign. I did not realize I had so much paint; however, now with the use of mason jars I can see each color and the cabinet is organized. I am thinking of painting or adding wall paper to the walls, but I’m proud of where I am now. Why did  I not paint the wall before staging it you ask…because I also want to paint the walls in my laundry closet and my pantry (more to come on those projects) and I thought I would do all the painting at once. There is a method to my madness. 🙂

So take a look at all of the colors of paint I have. WhooHoo. As I said, using mason jars allows me to see all of the colors and I have written the names of the colors on the tops of some and the rooms the paint was used in on others. I’m thinking before I paint the walls I may label the jars. Just haven’t worked out how I want to do that yet.

In the end, I had to purchase four dozen mason jars but I only used three and a half.  The jars were $10.00 a dozen so the entire project cost me $40.00. But the result is worth much more to me. The baskets I already had and I used one for stir sticks, another for extension cords, and another for miscellaneous items. I used an over-the-door shoe organizer for other miscellaneous items. Once I decide on a paint color, I will post new pictures. I think the organization project is a success. What do you think? I do know I must get better with the camera. But I, like my home am a work in progress.  See ya next time!

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