Six Unique Ways to Decorate Your Christmas Tree

Divinely Organized – Six Unique Ways to Decorate Your Christmas Tree

My Blogger Buddy, or BB if you prefer, has graciously come back to share some holiday cheer. My BB, Patricia Leitao, is a talented and creative blogger who writes for, a company that connects homeowners to reliable, affordable and professional contractors for their home improvement projects. She and her partner, Kelly Mahan, are sharing 6 unique ways for you to decorate your Christmas tree this year. Some are quite traditional while others are, one might say, a little different but all are beautiful.

I am thrilled with the trees Patricia and Kelly have chosen to share with us, and I think you will be as well. They truly capture the essence of my readers and have chosen trees that I believe you all will love.  As always, she knows that over here at the Command Center, we are very budget conscious. 🙂 And most of these looks can be created without spending a fortune. Enjoy the article and be sure to leave a message for me and/or Patricia and Kelly with your favorite style of Christmas tree from this article.

Also, stay tuned as I am almost finished with transforming my humble abode and I will be sharing my personal Christmas look with you guys this week as well. Until then, enjoy the article and the visuals.

While it may not be December yet, people everywhere are already getting into the Christmas spirit. Whether you have your tree already picked out or not, you need a gameplan and a theme when it comes time to decorate it. The first step is to figure out your personal style. Are you bold? Traditional? Modern? Rustic? After you decide a basic style, narrow down your theme until you have a clear picture in your mind of how you want your Christmas tree to look. Still not sure? We’ve rounded up six of the most unique and creative ways to decorate your Christmas tree.


Whether you live on the beach or simply love the ocean, you can easily give your Christmas tree a nautical makeover by decorating it with blue and tan ornaments, gold ribbon, and faux starfish. If you do live near the beach, fill empty ornaments with sand from your beach and use local shells and sand dollars to decorate your tree. You’ll save money and have a truly unique Christmas tree.


If you’re looking for a truly unique and personalized Christmas tree, go for the whimsical style. With a whimsical tree, you don’t have to follow any traditions. Your tree doesn’t even have to be green. Get a pink tree or a teal tree. Decorate it with lollipops and stuffed animals. Use knick-knacks from your shelves and turn them into ornaments. You’ll love looking at your whimsical Christmas tree and your guests will be in awe.

Upside Down

For the family that’s not afraid to try new things, try an upside down Christmas tree. There are two different ways to achieve this topsy-turvy look. One is to buy a pre-made and well-balanced upside down Christmas tree with a special stand. The other is to hang your Christmas tree upside down from your ceiling. Which one you choose depends on how strong your ceiling is and how much you want to pay for a new tree.

Bows and Ribbon

To save time and money on decorating your tree, use over-sized bows and wide ribbon. You’ll give your tree a simply elegant and sophisticated look while not having to spend a fortune on tons of ornaments and decorations.


Who says you need to use ribbon, bows, and glass ornaments on your Christmas tree? If you have a knack for finding items you can repurpose, you can save a lot of money on decorating your tree. Cut up a burlap sack to use as ribbon or use real acorns and pinecones as ornaments. Use what you can find to create your own repurposed Christmas tree.


Jewel Tones

A jewel-tone Christmas tree is bold, bright, and beautiful. If you love the look of a classic Christmas tree but want to kick it up a notch, opt for jewel-toned lights, ornaments, and ribbon. You’ll love putting colorfully wrapped presents under this stunning tree!

Choosing Your Tree Based on Scent

If you’re picking out a real Christmas tree this year, there are many factors  to take into consideration. Most people only think about the size of the tree and how well it can retain its needles, but what about scent? You want a tree that will make your home smell like Christmas. When it comes down to choosing your Christmas tree based on scent, you have to smell Christmas trees and find one you love. While pine trees are one of the most common types of trees (and smell wonderful), both the balsam fir and the Fraser fir have strong, pleasant scents that will keep your home smelling festive all month long.

Great article by my BB and later this week I will share my tree and Christmas decorations. I think they will tie in well with this article by Kelly and Patricia. Have fun choosing the tree that fits your style and your family and please share your experiences.


The article was written by Kelly Mahan, also a writer for, a company that connects homeowners to reliable, affordable and professional contractors for their home improvement projects. Check more on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.



6 thoughts on “Six Unique Ways to Decorate Your Christmas Tree

  1. Clearissa Coward says:

    Thank you Elisa. How’d you like the upside down tree. Different but pretty. I am in a group with a lady who has one and she says her family loves it because they live in a cozy space and the updown tree saves floor space. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Clearissa Coward says:

    Thank you Traci. There are a million ways to be unique while decorating for any holiday. You just have to be your own beautiful unique self and use a little imagination and you have plenty of that. 🙂 As always, thank you for reading.

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