A Sensitive Skin Shower Gel Hack You Will Love

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A Sensitive Skin Shower Gel Hack You Will Love

Are you persnickety when it comes to your shower gel or body wash? I am because I have to be. A lot of the really fragrant ones do not agree with my allergies and make me itch when I react lightly and break into hives when I have a stronger reaction. With that said, I am really happy when I find one that works for my skin and also has a feminine fragrance and makes the skin feel soft and smooth. When I find something new, I like to share. Welcome to my shower gel hack! Before I go further, please note this is NOT a paid product article. I actually love this product. Also, if you have sensitive skin, do know that what works for me, may not work for you. All of us with sensitive skin react differently to certain products. Therefore; do not take this post as an endorsement of any product for your sensitive skin type. With that said, let’s boogie on to how happy I am with this product. 🙂

I recently stepped out on faith and tried a new shower gel. I am so brave. 🙂 It caught my eye and whispered my name as I walked down the store isle. It was in this white package with peppermint stripes and what girly girl can resist feminine packaging? I can’t. And once I got a whiff of the peppermint infused gel, it was on. I knew I had to take a chance and try it. It was from a brand that I have used in the past without incident and again it’s infused with the fragrance of peppermint. How cooling and soothing that it going to be during the coming months of summer here in NC…right? Then I read the fine print which stated this product is a limited edition. WHAT!!! Limited edition? I was afraid to purchase more than one just in case I had a reaction, but I was torn because what if I only purchased one, loved it, my skin could tolerate it and then it was gone, I would be devastated. I decided to err on the side of sensibility and only purchased one. Well, let me tell you, this product is “da bomb.” It’s creamy, it makes me and the bathroom smell of peppermint and it leaves my skin feeling soft and without any allergic reaction. Hallelujah!!!!

Peppermint Shower Gel 1 PM
My Personal Bottle of Peppermint Cream Body Wash

So off I go back to the store and low and behold, there were no more on the shelf. I asked and of course in this particular store, customer service is secondary so they were no help. But I was not concerned. Because I am also an online shopper extraordinaire so I thought I would just go to the website and order several bottles. No such luck. The website did have this product listed. Now the panic sets in.

Being the improviser I am, I had to come up with a way to either find the shower gel or find or create a replacement. My preference would have been and still is to find the original, but hey, a girl has to do what a girl has to do. Especially one with allergies.

In an effort to be prepared to continue using a creamy peppermint body wash all summer, I purchased a bottle of organic peppermint oil and I poured some into a body wash, by the same manufacturer by the way, that I use all the time, and I was a happy camper. I received the same tingly feeling and the fragrance therapy. I was amazed. And then I began adding the peppermint oil to some of my other staples. Such as, my coconut oil I use as a hand, body and lip moisturizer and my baby oil body spray I use in the shower and it works, feels and smells great!!!

Peppermint Oil
My First Trial Bottle of Peppermint Oil

The bottom line is…Softsoap – yes that’s the brand and I know, I know many will say, “but it’s not the most expensive or exclusive brand.” And you’re right, but as a person with allergies, you learn to use what works and this is one of the few brands that works for me. But to tease with a limited edition that I love is just cruel. 🙂 But I do love Softsoap because it works and I have no negative skin reactions.

The lesson here is improvision. If you find a product you love and it’s too expensive or it’s difficult to find or, as in my case, it’s a limited edition, try new things. You will be surprised how easy it can be. And the special thing here is that I can add as little or as much peppermint as I want to my different oils, body washes, shampoos and summer skin moisturizers, etc. I found my peppermint oil at a local store; however, it was a little expensive and only comes in small bottles. I am going to order a larger one online and I would like to find an organic one as well. I will keep you posted if I find the Softsoap Creamy Peppermint Shower Gel again. But until then, I will add my peppermint oil to my favorite body washes. This is a body wash hack.:) You can purchase a great brand of peppermint oil here. I will do more research to find other uses for peppermint oil very soon. Stay tuned. It’s going to be a cool and minty summer!

100% Pure Peppermint Oil - Ordered and On the Way
100% Pure Peppermint Oil – Ordered and On the Way

How about you? Do you have any personal hacks you can share?

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