How To Add A Touch of Sunshine To Every Room – The Guest Room

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How to Add A Touch of Sunshine to Every Room – The Guest Room

It’s that time of year for Clearissa Coward’s Command Center (C4). The time for me to refresh my little corner of the world. As you know, I do not have an extra large home, but I like to think I have a clean, organized, comfy, inviting and well-decorated home. I blog because I have learned (sometimes the hard way) over the years, that most people strive for that, but not everyone has a large budget to accomplish it. And being the daughter and ex-wife of career Airmen, and the new wife of a blue collar worker, with champagne tastes on a hot beer budget, I have always had to make magic on a budget. Researching and sharing what I find with you is my passion and that, my friend, is why I blog. This year I am determined to add a touch of sunshine to every room in my home while only making small changes.

So now it’s time for me/us to go through my piece of the universe and refresh for spring. I love doing this because it always makes me happy, but this year I am also going through some sort of “yellow” phase. That may not seem odd to most, buy my normal style is Tuscany. Which means my base colors are burgundies, different shades of tans, olive greens and paprika colors. I love all those colors and they soothe me; however, they can be a bit dark and require pops of color here and there to brighten up the place. And this year I am all about the yellow. Both in our home and in my clothing. Go figure, me, the black, gray and blue woman is now is now wearing yellow and orange…and loving it. I have this awesome bright yellow spring trench that I am absolutely thrilled with. Yaaay me, we are never too old for change.

Flower Close Up 1 PM
Adding a little sunshine…

With all of that out of the way, I want to share with you my home refresh for spring 2016.  I will go room by room and show you my sometimes very small changes that actually have a huge impact on a room. Most of my changes will be via accessories because as I said, I am totally satisfied with the paint color in all of my rooms with the exception of my entry way. I do want to and will change the wall below the chair rail and the inside of our front door to brighten up the space. I am still searching for the perfect colors and I am going to drag you all along on that journey as well. 🙂 But let’s begin this campaign with the guest room. It’s a room that isn’t used often; however, it does become stale after a while. And this weekend I refreshed it while spending very little.

Flowers PM
A little sunshine on each side of the room to pull it all together
Add a touch of sunshine on all sides of the room helps pull the theme together
Add a touch of sunshine on all sides of the room helps pull the theme together










What I Purchased

Curtains                               one pair               $12.99 (on sale)

Yellow Flowers                     5 clusters             $5.00

Total                                                                 $17.99

What I Started With

  • A surface clean room (all things look clean but I knew the room was in need of a deep cleaning)
  • Gold walls (Tuscan gold, I love it)
  • Beige, brown, green pillows (cozy colors for a colder season)
  • Basic monochromatic space

What I Changed

  • The curtain rods were hung on the window frame. The window is small. In order to make the room look taller and larger, hubs moved the rod up closer to the ceiling to make the room look taller and also, extended the rod to the outside of the window to make the room look larger. Score!!!! It worked.
  • Introduced two yellow/white pillows on the bed
  • Added one of my own craft projects (the gold bottle with yellow flowers) on the trunks I use as a night stand. Perfect!
  • Added yellow flowers to the vase on the chest of drawers.
Back Bedroom Corner with Chair PM
Perfect little place to remove or put on shoes
Love the curtains
Love the curtains







Viola…a much needed refresh.

What/How I Cleaned

  • Vacuumed and flipped the mattress
  • Laundered the linen
  • Vacuumed under the bed, baseboards and the room
  • Dusted all hard surfaces
  • Cleaned window seals
  • Dusted blinds
  • Purged closets and vacuumed

End Result

  • Clean room
  • Refreshed linens
  • New curtains
  • Yellow accessories
  • $17.99 total spent

That’s it. Not much of a change but a spring refresh that made all the difference for me. The biggest change was changing the curtains and how they were hung. Hanging them higher and wider made the most difference in this room and I put this room to the Clearissa Coward’s Command Center test, which is…when I walk into this room it makes me smile.

Sunrise Sunset Wall PM
Sunrise, sunset wall

Mirror Reflection Wall 1 PM






So tell me. Do you think small changes can make a huge difference in a space? Do you believe one has to spend big money for big results? Are you all about how a room makes you feel or how much you spend for the end results? What are your thoughts about my little changes to add a bit of sunshine to a room?

Until next time…


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