How to Become a Virtual Assistant

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I have been working very hard, performing tons of research and trying to develop my VA (Virtual Assistant) business for a while now and I have finally realized something important. Sometimes too much information, too much research, and too much outside advice, no matter how well intentioned, can possibly stagnate your prograss and your passion.

It’s very scary to begin thinking of jump starting your own business, but it becomes even scarier when there is so much advice on the subject. You get bogged down in the details and the “what” and “how: you should be doing instead of doing what you know is right for you.

Everywhere I go I hear choose a genre. Choose a niche. Okay that is great advice, but suppose you, like me, are a generalist? Suppose you are adaptable? Suppose you haven’t decided which professions really resonate with your passion? Don’t get me wrong. I totally get it. I am not drawn to the scientific or mathematical world of business. I am drawn to human resources, and anything creative; writers, designers, consultants, even real estate, etc. But does that mean if a scientist needs my help to organize his/her office and set up a calendaring system, and perhaps even assist with travel arrangements or something as simple as setting up a filing system, I should not help? Should I not help this person simply because of his/her profession? I just do not think so. I may not be the one to write his/her scientific journal, but I can help to alleviate some of the pain of running the office which allows the scientist to focus on developing a medical recipe for a new drug or whatever else it is the great minds of scientist develop.

I have decided to know where I fit but to not be snobbish about who I help. It is much easier to say “yes” I can handle that for you, or “no” that is not my forte, but I can help you find someone to help you.  This brings me to my next bit of advice. The importance of networking. Do not feel intimidated by other Virtual Assistants. On the contrary, network with other Virtual Assistants discuss resources. If a certain assignment does not fit you, it may fit one of your fellow VAs, and vice versa. Everything works better when you work together.

So with all of this said, please get this…do not allow all of the research to stop you from actually doing what you love, which is, helping others get organized and making their business dreams come true. If this is your focus, I promise you will also make your own dreams come true.

For more information on how a VA works, visit but remember, this is just one site on the subject and there are many. Take what you need and what works for you from the advice, but do not get bogged down in the details of someone else. They may not have the perfect game plan for you and your VA business. YOU have chosen this profession now make it work for you. Thanks for stopping by. See ya next time.

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