Clay Pots – Upcycled

Flower Pots

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Clay Pots – Upcycled

Flower Pots

Clay pots are abundant. You can find them at almost any gardening center or big box store and if you’re like me, you can also thrift them as well. Even better yet, they are cheap. Yes, they cost little or nothing and another great thing about them is that they can easily be upcycled into something beautiful. Whether for your garden or to store kitchen utensils, Clay Pots – Upcycled is a great idea.

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C4 Boutique

In this article I will walk you through the process of upcycling clay pots and turning a diamond in the rough into a smooth and beautifully polished diamond of a container.

If you are upcycling an old/used pot, you should first clean it thoroughly with soap and water. If they have not been sealed and are stored outside, they can be pretty cruddy. If you are using a new pot then you can move on to step 2 which is to seal the pot. I use an all-purpose sealant by DecoArt. There is a link


above. I seal the pot both inside and out and I usually apply 2 – 3 coats on the inside and the outside before I begin painting. The sealant is because clay pots are porous and if you intend to use them as a planter, the moisture will destroy the painted surface in no time. Whereas if you seal it first, you should not have any damage at all. Allow the sealant to dry between coats.


Clay Pots

The next step is to paint the pot(s) the color of your choice. I used an inexpensive chalk paint in the color Spanish Moss.


Grove Collaborative

Note: There are all sorts of brands of chalked paint and you can even make your own. However, I have found, through experience, that all chalked paint is the same. I leaned the hard way that just because a brand works wonderfully on smaller projects like this one, it is not conducive for the long-wear use one expects for furniture pieces. Just a word to the wise.


I painted two coats of the chalked paint and allowed it to dry/cure overnight because it just didn’t look finished to me. I needed time to think. 🙂

The next step for this project was to decoupage a napkin onto the pots.


I decoupaged each pot with a napkin of flowers. I used Modpodge as my decoupage glue. After the napkin dried thoroughly, I whitewashed the post with a white chalk paint. After the whitewash dried, I dry brushed a tan in places over the white paint. This technique aged the pots a bit and made them look as if they had been sitting around for a while, which was the look I was going for.

Flower Pots

Finally, I applied 3 coats of my funal sealant. For the final sealant, I used MinWax Waterbased Indoor/Outdoor Spar Urethane. The five steps used for this project are below.







Seal x 3

And that’s it. I love the way the pots turned out and they an be used to hold a flower pot or for many other uses throughout the home. In the kitchen to hold utensils, decorative plants, etc. In the bathroom to hold q-tips, toothbrushed, makeup brushes, etc. And of course, you can use them to show-off your favorite plant.

Flower Pots

Let me know if you want a step-by-step tutorial on the art of decoupage. I will be happy to write a tutorial or make a video showing you how it’s done.

Flower Pots

Do you think this is an easy project? Is this something you would like to try?

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29 thoughts on “Clay Pots – Upcycled

  1. Amy says:

    Your clay pots turned out so cute. Isn’t it fun to make something more beautiful!?! Thank you for sharing at To Grandma’s House We Go.

  2. Stacey Felice says:

    I love this. I bought a bunch of clay pots to put in my goldfish tank and was wondering what I should do with the rest, until now. You gave me an amazing idea.

  3. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi Vivian. Thank you so much. Be careful, decoupage can become addictive. 🙂 There is so much you can do with it. But have fun and I would love to see some of your projects. Share pics. 😉

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  6. Alice V-DIYerfy says:

    This came out lovely! My mom loves to do this too and I think I get my creativity from her. I think you should do a video on this. Happy to be co-hosting another month with you at #OMHGWW!

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