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Clear Clutter for a Cozy Holiday Casa

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Clear Clutter for a Cozy Holiday Casa

Holiday Casa

I realize most of you are focused on the holidays and so am I. However, if your home is in a chaotic, cluttered mess, preparing for the holiday season is not fun…it is stressful and no one wants that, So if your house is a bit on the messy side and you can’t find things or you cannot seem to get into the mood to decorate for the holidays these tips will help save time and get and hopefully keep you more organized for the holiday season and beyond.

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Keep things in a place that makes sense. Drop your keys in a dish by the front door so you won’t waste time looking for them throughout the house. Put anything you need to take with you by the front door- outgoing mail, your briefcase or the library books that need to be returned. This will save you time in the morning because you won’t be running around trying to gather what you need for the day.

Holiday Casa

Straighten up as you go. Pick up the newspaper and put in the recycle bin instead of leaving it on the coffee table. Fill the dishwasher after every meal instead of once a day. Put your groceries away rather than leave them on the kitchen table. How can you possibly know what food you do or don’t have if last week’s haul is still in the bag? This makes the kitchen an appealing place to enjoy a meal instead of a constant reminder of chores that need to be done.

Finish one project before starting another. I have a friend who has started to update his bathroom, never finished the project and is now working on his kitchen. His house is constantly in a state of confusion and he never manages to get any project completed because it’s now so overwhelming.


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Keep your bathroom tidy. Wipe up the sink and vanity top after you shave or wash your face and put your toiletries away. Doing these small things as you go keeps the bathroom looking cleaner in case unexpected guests stop by- you won’t have to be embarrassed if they ask to use the facilities.

Holiday Casa

Never, ever go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink or messy countertops.  An uncluttered home begins with an organized and functional kitchen. Everything in your kitchen should have a place and should be replaced when not in use. Whether I am working with a client or refreshing my own space, I always tackle the kitchen first. A clutter-free and clean kitchen sets the stage for the rest of the environment.


Organize your closets. If your closet is filled to capacity, you can’t see what you have. Instead of squeezing everything into your closet, keep out of season clothes in the spare bedroom closet. Keep shoes in boxes or shoe racks. Donate any garments that no longer fit or if you haven’t worn them in the past season. Don’t hang onto things you can’t use anymore because there is someone out there who will be grateful to have it.Stencil

Keep your important documents and papers in a safe place. Birth certificates, passports, marriage license, divorce papers, the deed to your house and the title to your car should be filed in a fireproof lockbox. Better yet, they should be kept in a safe deposit box at a bank close to home so it’s convenient for you to retrieve them when needed. If you keep important financial information on your home computer, it’s a good idea to backup to a flash drive and keep this at the bank too. The cost of a safe deposit box is worth the peace of mind knowing you won’t have to replace these documents if they were ever lost in a disaster.

Taking small steps every day to keep organized will help keep your casa cozy and clutter-free.

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11 thoughts on “Clear Clutter for a Cozy Holiday Casa

  1. Great tips! Hope your Thanksgiving is blessed!

  2. Thank you Carol. I hope the same for you and your family. XOXO

  3. Great tips, Clearissa! For me, paper clutter is the worst no matter how hard we organize! It just keeps coming!

  4. Hi Debbie. I agree paper clutter is the worst. That and over-stuffed closets. Because you keep bringing the stuff in without getting rid of other stuff. But I am working hard to maintain. 🙂 Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you and your family had a very nice Thanksgiving.

  5. Thank you Clearissa for linking up and co-hosting with me at the #BloggingGrandmothers End of the Year Link Party 2018!

  6. It has been my pleasure Dee. I look forward to an even more productive year in 2019.

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  10. Holiday is comiiing… Must be so excited! Thanks for the tips and tricks, Clearissa. I guess I need to do it all year long LOL. Enjoy the festivities..Cheers from #OMHGWW and happy to co-host, as always

  11. Hi Indah Nuria. It is my pleasure to co-host with you. I hope you can use some of the tips year-round. Have a pleasant week.

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