Client’s Powder Room Refresh

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Client’s Power Room Refresh

Sometimes it’s difficult to know how to add a personal touch to a rental property and that is the case with the townhouse my daughter rents. She was bored with her powder room but not sure how to liven it up without adding paint or changing cabinets. Let me preference this by saying that my daughter received the family discount. 🙂 Meaning we shopped together, she purchased the things I suggested and I did the work. Lucky for me it was a small upcycle.

The bathroom walls are white and the cabinets are dated, but we could do a few little things to make the area her own.

Powder Room - Rental Property Before PM

I would love to paint the cabinets and the walls, but my daughter isn’t sure she wants the hassle of repainting when it’s time to move so we left it white for now. I am hoping to talk her into asking the landlord if she can paint the cabinets. But at least we can paint the walls something other than renter’s white. Keep your fingers crossed. Stay tuned! But for now…I removed the dated seat cover and contoured rug and we gave the room a thorough cleaning. Now for the fun part.

Powder Room - Rental Property After PM

Let me say, my daughter is a single parent of two beautiful children and a middle school teacher. I said that to emphasize that we were working with a budget. The only purchases we made were the towels, the candle, and the basket. We only spent $30.00. I painted the bottle and the orange arrangement she already had and the new floor mats were a gift from me. I moved her paper towel holder from her kitchen, which means I need to surprise her with another one for her kitchen. 🙂 That’s what mama’s do…right?

Now if I could only paint at least half the wall and what do you think about adding pulls to the cabinets and upgrading the facets? I can probably get a more up-to-date one from one of our discount stores.

Bonus: I noticed her chairs were in need of new seat covers. So I found this fabric and since I was there, I recovered her dining room chairs as well.

Chairs Upcycle PM

I took them from the dark and dreary burgundy to the new and improved orange. There is a feature wall in the dining and living area that is orange. Therefore, I am pulling orange into the rest of the house to add some color. If the chairs look familiar, they are exactly like the ones I have in my eat-in kitchen area. We both bought the chairs at the same time.

She was so pleased with the change. And the color change has made a big difference in the room. She has been in this townhouse for three years and it was time for a refresh. Next step is to get her a few pillows for her new couch and double chair to tie in the orange.

It was a fun day spent doing what I love with three of the people I love most in the world (my daughter, granddaughter, and grandson). It was a fun day and I left with other ideas to help her make her little place her own…for now. All together now…Please allow me to paint!!!

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5 thoughts on “Client’s Powder Room Refresh

  1. Shanea says:

    She’s’ awesome at what she does and respets the budget. It was a fun-filled day of making my home feel like new again! Considering the paint idea because although I may be cheap… I like my home to look nice!

    Thanks Mom!

  2. Clearissa Coward says:

    Thanks, doll. You’re not cheap, you are cost conscious. 🙂 And it’s my job to find a way to give my clients what they need using their budget – that’s my niche. We will work it out. Glad you are happy.

  3. Maddy says:

    Good to be cost conscious when renting! Love the chairs & can’t wait to see what else you do with the powder room!

  4. Clearissa Coward says:

    Thanks Maddy. You are right, there is nothing wrong with being cost conscious. I have always lived within a budget and I like to think lived pretty well. Please stop by again.

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