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How do you manage your household appliance manuals and warranty information? Personally, my system was a total hot mess. Frankly, the system consisted of all of the manuals and warranties stuff into a grocery store plastic bag.

Before PM Before 3 PM

When I began this project, I had a plastic bag full of stuff. There were manuals and warranties associated with appliances that have since gone on to appliance heaven and are no longer in the house. I even have a manual for an appliance that I gifted someone else in 2000. Wow, I am a manual hoarder. 🙂

Before 2 PMBefore 1 PM

I decided I could eliminate over half of the stuff/manuals in this plastic bag…and I was right. As I purged the old and outdated manuals and warranty information.


  • Large Ring Binder (4in or better depending on the number of manuals)      Free
  • Sheet Document Protectors                                                                          $13.79
  • Time (1.5 hours)                                                                                            Priceless


  • I began by starting with a purge, all of the manuals and warranties that were outdated were trashed
  • I then sorted the ones that were left by room as close as I could
    • Kitchen appliances
    • Entertainment appliances (phones, DVDs, TVs, etc.
    • Laundry
    • Small Appliances (vacuums, steamers, etc.)
  • In order to save on space and document protectors, I added two per protector back-to-back
  • Just for fun, I printed a page for the front of the binder


Viola, an organized household binder for appliance manuals and warranties. I like having everything in the same place and more important is knowing everything in the binder is relevant.

After 2 PM After 1 PM After 5 PM After 4 PM

What do you think, is this a viable option for other household important papers such as passports, marriage licenses, birth certificates, etc.?  What do you think?

The good thing is the price. As always, I love the projects that organize our lives but cost little. This one fits the bill as it came in for a whopping, $13.79. Not bad huh?

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