Epsom Salt in the Garden – It Works

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Posted May 18 – Hubpages

My Rose Garden Success

I could dub this the year of the rose because I am having a phenomenal year of growth and blooms in my rose garden. They are growing out of control and blooming more than they ever have. My neighbors stop by often to comment on the lushness of my rose garden. I am ecstatic! I am frequently peeking out of the window when I am inside and/or standing and staring when I am leaving or entering the house. I am so happy with the view.

I read, that you should add a little Epsom salt to the hole when planting a rose bush but mine were planted last year and the year before so I improvised and sprinkle a handful around each rose bush. I really did not expect much but as you can see from the pictures, I received a lot!

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