Five Crafty Projects for The Lazy Days of Summer

From the Desk of Clearissa Coward’s Command Center –  Five Crafty Projects for Summer

Posted June 3, 2015 – Hubpages

Looking for something fun and creative to do during these long and lazy days of summer? Perhaps you’re looking for something to help you impress your kids with your extraordinary creativity. That would be nice…right? To finally impress your kids…oh what a dream. :

I have pulled together five projects that are easy breezy for you alone or you and your kids, creative, fun, and a way to refresh a corner of your home or outdoor area. Some of the projects I have tried, others I anticipate trying, but all are fun. Get a glass of lemonade and enjoy summer projects that will make you look like a pro. Take a look at my suggested five crafty summer projects and have fun!

Paint Projects:

Nothing makes a decorating difference like changing the paint color.

Chandelier: There are a couple of ways to use a freshly painted chandelier.

· protect the electrical elements and continue to use as an electrical chandelier or

· pull the electrical elements and use the chandelier as a candelabra

This is one of the projects I tried and it was a success. Pictures below. My chandelier is actually a candlelier – I invented that word – (in orange) on our deck.

I removed all of the wiring and spray painted it a bright orange, placed candles on the wings and viola, a colorful chandelier that only cost me $10.00 plus the cost of paint.

See the photos, tutorials and read the entire article here

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