Get Your House and Family in Shape

Get Your Family and Home In Order

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Get Your House and Family in Shape
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Get Your House and Family in Shape

Exercise is vital for a healthy lifestyle, and families are more and more conscious of its importance. Families are getting more interested in family fitness, but they may not think there’s time to do it. Here’s an idea: why not get your house and family in shape by combining house cleaning with family fitness and together time? Here are some ideas and tips.

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Creative Moves

Housework is exercise; there is no doubt about it. But if you really want to make it into a family fitness activity, you might need to get creative with the moves. This can be a lot of fun, and laughter is good for everyone’s health! Here are some tips.

*Squats and Lunges – These classic workout moves can be utilized for household chores. One person can do squats while cleaning out the fridge – squat, get an item, then hand it to another family member who can do a lunge toward the garbage can to throw it out.

*Squats can be included in a lot of housecleaning tasks – pretty much anything that involves reaching down. Squats are better for your back anyhow.

Get Your Family and Home In Order*Dance – Why not create a fun cleaning dance? Put on some music like the Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy and dust or mop with exaggerated ballet moves. More modern music can have a motivational beat and make cleaning more like a dance party than a chore.

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Together Time

Part of getting your family “in shape” is learning to communicate better and spend more time together. While you clean, you are together for the most part.

*Combine cleaning with a nice reward that involves together time, such as a game night or movie and pizza night, or a special family trip to an amusement park or other family fun activity.

*This time can also be used to find out what everyone is doing and thinking. It is a great time to just catch up.

Get Your Family and Home In Order


Make cleaning into an active game.

*Set up homemade hoops over trash bags, recycling bins, and/or trash cans and encourage everyone to make baskets with trash…trash that can’t make a mess if someone misses! You can even keep score.


*You can make this a daily or weekly event and encourage your kids to move and clean – laundry, toys, personal items into a backpack – all kinds of things can be approached with the item-through-the-hoop idea.


Another word on music. Even if you do not get into the dance thing, playing music can still help motivate everyone and get them moving.

*Let your kids pick the music? Each child gets to take turns choosing his or her favorite music for that day’s/week’s cleaning session, regardless of age or type of music (as long as it is not music that is offensive and/or against your household rules).

*Don’t forget Mom and Dad get to choose music, too. You will get quite a variety this way! And if you’re “playing your song” you might want to get moving a lot more.

Get Your Family and Home In Order

Just a few changes in your exercise routine can make a big difference for you and your family. And if you are getting your home in order while getting in shape it becomes a win-win. Good luck.

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