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Heey I’m Back!!!! Did you miss me? I hope so! I took last week off which means I did not do anything business related. And for those of you who blog/upcycle/DIY, etc. you realize how taking a few days off can totally change your rhythm. Consistency is the key to successful blogging/upcycling/DIY, etc. But every now and then, we need to take a day or two or five off to rejuvenate and to avoid burn-out. This was one of those times for me. Why you ask? Well I think I’ll tell you.  😉

Can you believe that a professed organizer allowed her home to become umm how do we say…“unorganized.” Well I have. What I have to do now is focus on the how’s, why’s and fixes of my uncharacteristic disorganization.

How Did I Get To This Place?

As long as blogging was just a hobby and I was not serious about developing an online presence and becoming a serious and respected blogger, things were easy. I could work my 9:00 – 5:00, I could blog when it was convenient, I could remain on top of my household and life was a breeze.

However; things began to change once people began to follow and comment on my blog posts. When this happened I felt a desire to keep them engaged and to hopefully attract others. Don’t get me wrong and please understand, I still do not have a prosperous blog…yet! However, I love blogging and now it’s serious business to me. The issue is I have not organized my time the way I should. I am a professional when it comes to organizing the time of others as a virtual assistant but I have allowed my schedule to totally get out of hand. Go figure.

Why/How Did I Get To This Place?

I am in this space because of a major change in my life and change is never easy to maneuver. Especially a traumatic change. Intellectually I understand why this change occurred, but on an emotional level I feel the sting of a life altering upheaval.

Again, here me when I shout!!!!! I understand the situation. Here me when I shout!!!!! That I know things will be fine. But also hear me when I whisper!!!!! I am an intelligent woman who is also a realist. And as a realist, I do not always believe everything that is shouted but I do believe the whispers. Most times the whispers are where the truth lies and it is MY inner voice, MY intuition, MY earthy connection, MY spiritual connection, if you will, that generally whispers the truth. And the truth is that I am not handling this change as well as I would like. But I also hear the whisper that it is time to do what needs to be done and move on. Finally, I hear the whisper.


In order to get back on track, I need to compartmentalize, which is not something I am good at doing. I, like a lot of the female population, am horrible at departmentalizing. I am naturally emotional and all things in my life touch and affect each other. But I have a plan! My plan…

  • Make a decision as to how to deal with my current situation. Once the decision is made, move forward with it. And if the decision is to let it go, then truly let it go and do not rethink it…check
  • Pump my breaks and enjoy and appreciate the down time…check
  • Find a way to accept what I cannot change but work towards changing what I can…check
  • Take a day or two or three and get my own house in order (when my personal space is not in order, my life is not in order)…working on that
  • That’s the important step in any process. Stop just sitting and get moving. Stop thinking about it and be about it. Once I’m moving things will happen. Once I’m moving, I will get back on track…working on that 

Good News (there is always a light at the end of any dark tunnel):

As a side note, while I was figuring things out, I was also updating my website. It is a total refresh. Again, I sort of fell into blogging and my first website wasn’t really conducive to blogging. Now that I have narrowed my online footprint, I think my new format matches my new direction in blogging. It’s clean and crisp and easier to maneuver. I hope you like it as much as I do. The new format was designed by Vanessa’s Desk and I am thrilled. There are still some tweaks that need to be made, and Vanessa’s Desk and I will continue to work through them.

You know I love your input. Be sure to leave a comment to let me know what you think of my new site format.

Have you experienced any big changes in your life lately? Share.

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