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How I Organized A New Purse For Productivity

This past weekend I changed purses. I hear you out there…so what’s the big deal? Well, I’ll tell you the big deal. I have worn/carried the same bag for 2 years. Yes, I loved this bag. In fact, I still love it but I got a new purse for Christmas and so I am happy for a little change. So I’ve decided to do a little purse organization.

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To get the change started, I weighed my old purse and although I was expecting it to weigh around 20 – 25lbs, that purse came in at a whopping 74.5lbs. That is crazy! The goal is to purge and get my new purse down to a manageable weight. 🙂 I thought perhaps the scale was broken and off by 50 – 60lbs. And if that is the case, then I must be at least 50lbs lighter than the scale is reporting. Ha…wishful thinking. So I had to face the fact that the bag actually did weigh that much.

Purse Organization

I purchased a new purse organizer and a five-pack makeup bag set in order to hold small items in zippered cases to keep them from getting lost in the bottom of the new purse and to keep them from falling out of the purse if it happens to tip over.

Purse Organization
SPANXThe Purses:

remove everything from the old purse

before moving on and if you intend to reuse the old purse at some point, I suggest cleaning out the old purse, checking and repairing any tears in the lining and cleaning and moisturizing the outside leather if necessary. It will be ready for use whenever you are ready to wear it again

purge items that are no longer needed

find clever ways to store items in the new purse

enjoy the new purse


My old purse is a workhorse and I will always love that Sorial of New York handbag. It is a roomy tote and the leather is soft and supple. It holds so much and is easy to carry. And although it carried almost 75lbs of “stuff” there is still no fraying of the straps and nothing is pulling. I would say that is amazing. I know I will use it again.

The Coach has several pockets and zippered sections which makes organization easier and I love the smell of new leather. 🙂 I am hoping the leather on the new purse will soften as I use it because it is a little stiff right now.
lacewigsbuyVisit my YouTube Chanel to actually watch me change from my old purse and organize my new one. The video will be up today.

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