How To Let Go And Donate Things From Your Home


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How To Let Go And Donate Things From Your Home

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When the time comes to clean out and reorganize your home, there are always items you find that you just do not use anymore. Some things may even be gifts that you have never even taken out of the original package. As long as the items are still in good shape, there are many ways they can find a new home. Many people do not want to bother with a yard sale, so they prefer to donate the items to a charity (my personal favorite). In this article, we will just how to let go and donate things from your home that you no longer have use for that could bless someone else.

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Many items can be donated to area thrift or Salvation Army stores. Quite often they will give you a receipt that will allow you to take it as a tax write-off. It is probably best to call and check with them as to their drop-off policies. Some places only take donations on certain days or during certain hours.

Another option is to donate carefully used toys, books and clothes to women’s shelters. Many times the families staying there have had to leave their homes with just what they were wearing. A few things for them to have while they are there can be a great comfort, especially to the children.

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There are other charities that also take clothes and household goods. Some, including veterans’ organizations like Purple Heart and Vietnam Vets, and other groups like Easter Seals, will actually pick up your donations at your home. If you call them, they have set pickup schedules for the neighborhoods in your area. They have a set procedure.

Some hospitals collect books, sometimes specifically for the children’s wing. When your children outgrow their books, considering giving them away to a hospital or other charities for children.

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Once you have donated things, you can reorganize what you have left and maximize your storage space. This is something to consider doing every few months, because things tend to accumulate. If you are unsure about donating some things, put them away, and if you have not used them after a given time(I like 6-months) then you can probably go ahead and donate them.

There are many other charitable organizations as well. I would suggest a google search for your area to get a list of places and people to which you could donate in your area.

Think of it as blessing someone else and it will make it much easier to let go.  That always works for me. And something I am teaching myself “not” to do is hold onto things just because they were a gift. If I do not have any use for the bright orange throw from a family member in my home, I know it will help to keep someone else warm. Or it may even be the perfect pop of color someone else is looking for fir their decor. I find that putting a positive spin on it helps to alleviate the guilt I may feel for regifting an item. Having a home with less “stuff” for the sake of “stuff” is also very rewarding.

Check out how I recently purged the area under my bathroom sink. Unopened toilitries are also needed at women’s shelters. Just make sure not to give away used toilitries. You can watch me declutter my bathroom cabinets here. See you there.

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  1. Carol says:

    This is such a good reminder to support local charity stores and local shelters. When I was working I helped do a drive for soap and shampoo for the homeless shelter. Small things can make a huge difference. Thanks for the post!

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