How I Repurposed My Latest Thrifted Items

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How I Repurposed My Latest Thrifted Items (click to tweet)

Recently I had a very positive and productive thrifting weekend. I found some really good deals.
You can read the latest thrifting article here.

I shared with you how I up-scaled the four bar stools found during that thrifting trip. You can see the photos here. But now I have some time to have a little fun with some of the smaller thrifted items as well. For me, the purpose of thrifting, up-cycling  or DIYing is to see just what can be done with something that others have no desire or use for any longer. All items are not old or worn out, some are simple house hold items, like jars, bottle, light fixtures, etc., that can be repurposed. That is what makes the process fun for me. Some of the crafts you will see below are from my thrifting trip on 8/15/2015 while other items that were hanging out in my project closet waiting for a little love.

Black and White Set Thrifted 8-15-2015 w-candles PM

Items like these candelabras below. They were not sets or even together when I picked them up at a local thrift store. They were globes for a hanging chandelier and candle holders that someone else thought was no longer useful. But I think this is a very cute little vignette. Basically, I took four separate items and turned them into a set.

All of the craft items you see here will be for sale very soon in my very own little online storefront. Stay tuned.

Black Painted Jar 1 PM


This cute little jar is adorable with the flickering light of a candle inside. I like to fill it with beans or rice and use a battery operated candle. It is adorable. The picture isn’t what it should be, but there is a heart shaped window in the jar that is perfect for the glow of a candle.





Bottles 8 PMThis started life as a plain glass bottle. I decided to make it a decorative piece or a pretty flower vase. Although a bit time consuming the end result is well worth the work. This is one of my favorites and I love the rear view as well. Bottles 3 PM





Bottles 7 PMAnother version of the same bottle. Although I love the extravagance of the ribbon, it may be too much for some. No problem, we can trim the ribbons to suit your personal taste. For some, less is more but I love the “pow” factor of this bottle. There isn’t a boring angle of this bottle. Check out the rear view of this little doozy.Bottles 5 PM





Bubble Vase Plate Stand 3I love this little cupcake tray. It simple, clear and clean. This little creation is a perfect server for cupcakes, cake in general and even flowers as you see here. The possibilities are endless.




Cupcake Plate - Green 1 PM Double Tier Cupcake Plate - Clear 2 PM Pineapple Cupcake Plate 1 PM

These three cupcake holders could also be very useful. I am especially fond of the double decker one. Just think of the possibilities. The double decker one could also be used as a centerpiece. Actually they could all be used as centerpieces.

Wouldn’t it be a great surprise to get to the last of the cupcakes or cookies and find this amazing pineapple? Just beautiful!





Fall Vase w-Light Glow PM


Before I married these two, they were an old everyday flower vase and a candle holder. I put the two together and viola, a new and improved candelabra. This is a perfect fall accent. As a contrast, I use black beans or dark rocks to elevate the candle. I use a battery operated candle here as well.


Pumpkin PM


This was a cardboard pumpkin that I no longer wanted to be boring cardboard. So I changed the entire look with paint and a little imagination. Another fall piece I thought you would appreciate.


Family Vase with Candle 1 PMThis little collaboration began separately as well.
A plain candy jar and a candle holder.  Once pulled together you have something unique. A one of a kind and that’s what I love about repurposing. These items may begin life with one purpose and fall into the hands of an up-cycler and become something quite different. Notice the engraved “Family” and rose motif.




Home Vase PM


Another thrifting collaboration. Two separate and totally different items come together to create another useful and pretty item. There are so many ways this item could be used. In the bathroom to house soaps, q-tips, cotton balls, etc. Or I’m certain you have many ideas as well.



Painted Glass 4 PM


Next we have one of my repurposed mason jar collections. We have two sizes of mason jars and a vase in very similar tones. I use the open mason jar for cotton circles, but you could use it for makeup brushes, toothbrushes, etc. The vase I would use for my favorite flower and the small mason jar with a glass pull to make it interesting, could be used for anything your heart or imagination desires. This could be a beautiful vignette on your dressing table or bathroom counter.

Small Pedestal Mason Jar PM



Finally, one of my favorite repurposed pieces. Another collaboration of two very different items. The rustic mason jar and the more classic and ornate lines of the candle holder are really a contrast that come together in a beautiful eclectic way.




All of the items above were thrifted and repurposed. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of up-scaling and sharing with you. Remember, these and other items will be listed in my store very soon. If you do not have the time to make them yourself, I will be your source. More of my DIY/repurpose items to come.

I would love to hear your opinion and/or any ideas you may have for repurposing small items.

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