I’m Back! Fall Haul

Fall Haul

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I’m Back! Fall Haul

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Hey Guys, I’m Back! First, I want to thank you for your patience with me and my software. Software issues are not fun for anyone, but they are truly a hassle for a blogger. So thank you for hanging out while I got all this straightened out. While I was out of commission, I did have the chance to do a little fall shopping and a lot of fall looking and I thought it would be fun to share some of my finds with you all. Let’s face it…it’s fun to share it all with you guys. The only thing better would be if we could go shopping together! But, since we can’t all go together, I am sharing my “I’m Back Fall Haul” part I with you.

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Let me preface this by saying this is small haul because I just happened to be out and about and everything looked so pretty. However, at the time of this writing, I had not pulled out my own fall stash and wanted to see what I had before buying a lot of new stuff. Remember, I design on a dime.

This haul involves two retail stores. The Dollar Tree and The Dollar General. But, I also stopped by a friend’s house to harvest some bottles and jars that she has been saving for me. Since I have begun crafting, all of my friends are commissioned to drink lots of wine and eat lots of pickles and save all of the bottles. So far, the arrangement has been working out great…for me.  🙂 

First, I stopped by The Dollar General. I went in for baby oil only. Why baby oil you ask. Well, I’ll tell you. Because Dollar General is the only place where I can buy baby oil in large bottles for $2.50. It is so expensive every place else. I use a lot of baby oil in the shower. I mix it with Avon Skin So Soft in a spray bottle and I spray it on while I’m still wet in the shower. I have done this for years and it is the best moisturizer ever, not too expensive and I never have dry skin – no matter the season.

Fall Haul

While I was at The Dollar General, I also picked up some Utz potato chips and two packs of the Duplex Cream Sandwich Cookies. These are a staple at our house and my cookie bear was just about bare (my cookie jar is a large bear). They are inexpensive and the grands and hubs love them. They serve the purpose when I am not baking. I also picked up a large size Hawaiian Punch and a box of Nutty Buddy (the grandson was staying for a week).

Fall Haul Next, I stopped at The Dollar Tree. Truthfully, I only intended to peek my head in to see what they had for fall because, as I said, I had not pulled out my stash yet. However, it is so difficult to go into Dollar Tree and come out with nothing. Almost impossible So I picked up a few things. I did not do too badly, but…

Love this pumpkin sign. Not sure where I’ll use it yet. Perhaps in the middle of a wreath. We will see. It’s trimmed in burlap. Love, love – picked up three!

I also purchased all of the foliage you see here. The leaves, berries, and mums. Aren’t they colorful and so fall? I love them. Can never have enough of this stuff…right?  😉

Of course, I had to add a couple of pumpkins to my stash. I love the deep colored one. It has flecks of orange and glitter in the paint. I don’t think you can see all of that but it is really cute. 

Fall Haul

And this is my complete fall haul part I. I did not do too bad. And the bottles and jars were free. I may need to add more fall decorations once I pull out my stash, but for now, I am pleased with what I found. I wish fall was a bit longer. These are my favorite colors.

I also have a few pictures of all of the colorful fall items they have. I did not buy it all but I wanted you to see what I saw. I am going to attempt to pull a video together. Stay tuned for an invite to my Youtube channel. Fall HaulLook at all the good stuff they had in stock. I know I am going back for more.

Finally, I wanted to share with you my harvest. I harvested all of these bottles from my friends. I have more too. I love being surprised by all of the different shapes and sizes of bottles my friends provide. My friends may need an intervention, what do you think? 😉 Now to get creative and make something beautiful.
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Have you found any new treasures for fall? If so share, I would love to see.

Fall Harvest

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12 thoughts on “I’m Back! Fall Haul

  1. Arie says:

    I loved all your fall decor boo!! Ok, you hit the jackpot, and I’m jealous. I’m trying that baby oil trick love that.. Happy Fall!!!!

  2. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hey Arie. Yes, I did well this time. The sales were great! Stay tuned, I will have a complete reveal sometime this week. 🙂 Oh and you are going to love the baby oil trick. Happy Fall to you as well.

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