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Lighting Upgrade – The Bathroom

I often say and write about the importance of good lighting. I have written a couple of articles on lighting and how to choose the right lighting for your space. You can find one of those articles here.  This past weekend, I decided to take my own advice and do a lighting upgrade – the bathroom.

Our master bathroom still had what I consider builder-grade lighting in one area. It was nothing special and frankly did not provide very good lighting as it only had one light bulb.  While on Amazon a few weeks ago, I found a light that I actually liked and decided to order it. Sometimes when you have Bently taste on a Volkswagen budget, it is difficult to find what you like at a suitable price. 🙂  I figured I couldn’t go wrong because it was on sale and I was right. I got a good bargain in this light because I think it is very pretty. It has been sitting in a box at the house for over a week now and finally, hubs put it up for me.

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This is the light fixture that was in the area.

Lighting Upgrade

As you can see, there is nothing special about it. Oh, and by the way, this fixture is also in my hallway and will be switched out soon. By the way, I had to take the picture of the one in the hall because hubs took the one in the bathroom down before I took the picture. But they are both the same.


This is the old fixture all lit up.

Lighting Upgrade

One bulb and it doesn’t put off very much light. Ok for a hallway but not for a bathroom.

This is what I have now.

Lighting Upgrade

This is a better photo of the lightIf you are interested in ordering one of these fixtures you can get it here. 

Lighting Upgrade

And this is the fixture all lit up. It has two bulbs which gives more light and the globe has a sort of amber glaze which makes the lighting softer.

Lighting Upgrade

Lighting Upgrade

Have I said that I love the upgrade? Well, I do. It is funny how something so small can make such a huge difference in the feel of a room, But I truly believe there is nothing like paint and lighting to transform a room from just a room to a cozy space.

As I said, I am also going to change the one in the hallway but I haven’t found exactly what I want yet. However; I do have a small chandelier for my closet project that I can’t wait to share with you. I should start that project within a couple of weeks or so.

What about you? Are you making any small changes with a big bang during this new season?  Share your fall projects in the comment section below.

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