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I am feeling especially blessed today. And I want to begin 2015  properly. During this time of year, I, like most folks, tend to reflect on my life and actually slow down and take a minute to truly look back over the past year and to recognize what God has done in my life. I may be a little late; however, I’ve had a bout with the flu which set me back a bit, but I was driven to complete this post.

Don’t get me wrong…there have been some valleys in my life during 2014, but each and every valley has taught me a lesson and each and every valley has passed. Each and every valley has strengthened my faith and each and every valley has made me even more grateful for the times I was able to reach the top of the mountain. I am thankful for the valleys I endured during the past year for they have elevated me to higher places spiritually and emotionally.

I am thankful for having all that I needed this past year. There were times I was not sure there would be enough, but each time I thought there was a problem, He showed me He was in control and made a way sometimes out of no way. He even made it possible for me to help and bless others. What a blessing. My Heavenly Father is awesome in every way. He is my soul provider and I am thankful.

Last year I watched, feeling helpless, as my only child struggled with her health throughout the year. I watch as she struggled financially. I stood by while she fought to remain healthy and to not allow her health to affect her viability to her profession (my baby was diagnosed with MS several years ago). I felt helpless until I fell to my knees and gave my child and her struggles to The Father. I placed her and her issues on the alter and left them there and He hasn’t failed me yet. My daughter made it through her tough times. Jehovah Jireh even provided a way for me to help her. Because of Him we made it through again and again. I am thankful I know Him and was able to intercede on behalf of my daughter and her children. They are my blessings and I try never to forget that. Did I mention that I was blessed to watch my daughter and granddaughter walk the isle of my church and give their hearts and lives to God this year? I was also blessed to watch my then 1-year old grandson dedicated to Christ as well. Oh Happy Day!!! I am thankful.

This year marked 1 year of marriage for hubby and me. Neither of us are spring chickens any longer 🙂 but the joy we have is ageless and timeless. I am thankful that at this space and place in my life I met someone with whom I am equally yoked. He makes me want to know more, do more, stretch my faith and be more dedicated to this journey I have chosen or that has chosen me…I’m not quite sure which. I met a man who takes his family to church. I met a man who studies and follows the Word; I met a man with a healthy fear and a dedicated respect for Christ. How wonderful it is to love and be loved by a man of faith. I am thankful.

Each year I create a vision board and last year was no different. When I looked back over my board from last year, I was speechless when I realized how far He has brought me and mine. I did not reach all of my goals and all of my prayers were not answered, but many were met and I am wise enough to know that although I took the first step, without Him I would not be this far along. I am thankful that He breathed in my direction during 2014. And as for the goals I did not reach, well He didn’t say no. He just said be still and wait. I am more than happy and willing to do just that, because I have surrendered and there is no turning back now. I am Thankful for a growing faithfulness and ask for an even greater increase in faith in 2015.

For 2015, I will do a vision board once again, but for 2015 my vision board will become my prayer board and every prayer that is answered will be written on a piece of paper and placed in a jar. When it’s time to reflect on 2015 I will have a record of prayers answered and each note will be a thank you note to God.

I am thankful for so much – prayers answered, a loving family, good friends in my life, a source of income, and a passion developing, growing and brewing in a way that makes me realize, it is time to take the next step. And I will do that because I am walking by faith and not by sight.  I am thankful that I truly believe that all things are possible.

I am thankful.

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