OFRA Cosmetics – A Brand That Deserves Attention


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OFRA Cosmetics – A Brand That Deserves Attention

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There are many different brands of makeup on the market nowadays. If you follow me, then you know I have a brand of choice. However, there is always room for additional beauty in one’s life.

I was recently introduced to OFRA cosmetics and I must say, I was both curious and interested. When I checked out the website, I found some of the prettiest color pallets ever and while researching the product, I found that one can refill pallet choices and/or add different colors to fit the pallet cases.

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C4 Boutique

There are a few attributes of OFRA cosmetics that I would like to share with you. Number one, I think it is brilliant to offer customers a bundle of products. Offering bundles allows new customers the option to try a few products and if you are a returning customer, it allows you the opportunity to try different products.

Another great thing about OFRA is the fact that they put everything you will need into one pallet. From matt and shimmer shadows, blushes, bronzers, and highlighters all in one beautiful and complimentary grouping. And they place them in a beautiful package. And even more important than beautiful packaging, OFRA is organic makeup and is cruelty-free.


In my opinion, skincare is more important than glam. Let’s face it, yes we can cover and hide a lot of sins under a professionally made-up face. However, at some point, that makeup has to come off and we are left with our skin. Personally, I want my skin to be healthy and clear. I like to think of makeup as an enhancement and not a cover-up. And this brand provides a good skincare line as well.

Grove Collaborative/Mrs. Meyers Cleaning Products

This product line is very interesting and they have something for everyone. No matter your skin tone or skin type, I think you will find something to fit your needs. And better than best…they offer free shipping on all domestic orders. I love free shipping. Don’t you?

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