Organization Inspired Office Refresh

Office Refresh

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Organization Inspired Office Refresh

I have stressed over my office situation months now. If you have been keeping up with my blog, and I hope you have, then you know I have been all over the place with this small space.  The room is small and it has to serve several purposes. And because of that, I had a bit of a dilemma. Not because of my vision for the space but because there are others who have a bit of input as well. With that in mind, I’ve decided to complete this space in phases.That way I get what I want while the others involved are eased into my vision. So follow me as I share phase I of my organization inspired office refresh.

Side Note: I love looking at these flowers albeit artificial on the end of my desk.

Office Refresh

So I’ll bet you’re wondering who is it that has so much influence as to how I decorate and/or live in my personal space. One would think it is my husband, but alas it is not. The contributor is a pint-sized five-year old who has a definite opinion as to where he should sleep when he is visiting MiMi and Poppy. You see he has just recently begun to sleep separately from us instead of between us in the king-sized bed. This arrangement was fine with my grandson and my husband but I felt, being he is getting older and I am not male, that he should probably be weaned and moved from our bed to his own sleeping space. Suffice it to say I think we could all use a bit of privacy. 🙂
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So he is now sleeping in my office on the daybed. Do understand there is a perfectly good guest room right next door. However, the issue is the office is right across the hall and he can look into our room from there while the guest room is further down the hall and sort of isolated. Well at least in his mind. So he is still afraid to sleep there alone. Now, do you get my drift? Although I would like to think it is, it actually is not all about me. At least not for another year or so anyway. 🙂 I get almost giddy when I think of having a craft table in this room. But I will wait for my grandbaby to be ready. 

But with all of that taken into consideration, I still felt the need to organize and to use the wasted space and to turn my office/bedroom into my office/craft room that happens to house a daybed…for now. So let’s get started.

The Before:

As I hope that you can see from the pictures, I have some awesome shelves on the wall. I had Office Refreshthose installed about 5 years ago thinking they would be added storage for the small space. But so far, all they really are is wasted space. I was feeling I could better utilize all of that open and vertical shelf space. After all, isn’t that why I had them installed in the first place? Well yeah!!

Also, notice the large monitor on the desk. Just another example of wasting space. No, I have not officially buried the PC but it is on its way out and therefore the monitor is no longer required. That corner of the desk is prime real estate.

I also had a problem with the bookshelves being full of books. Don’t get me wrong, I realize books are supposed to be on bookshelves but this is overkill. I still love my books and I still wish I had a Office Refreshlibrary. But I can not fathom getting rid of my hardbacks. I realize that this is not proper storage and is not conducive for a small space. Therefore, I had to find a solution that would both allow me to keep my books and allow me to incorporate my crafts into this space. My personal vision is to add a crafting table on the wall where the daybed is currently stationed (with lots more storage). But that will have to be during phase II of this project. For now, I have to work with what I have. See the other before pictures below.
The bedding is dark because a five-year old jumps here. I could venture to say the only things I am not quite tired of are the current window treatments because they are light and airy and the desk because it is over-sized and I need the space. I also love the colors of the shelving. Because the room is so small, I painted them the exact same color of the walls so they do not look like they are intruding into the space, but instead, they blend into the space.

Office Refresh Office Refresh









The After:

Of course, every great refresh begins with a great purge. I purged extra office supplies and just old stuff. I had purchased a bunch of storage bins during my last Dollar Tree haul. You can watch that video here.  And boy did they come in handy.

First I decided to use the vertical storage for my books. That way they are still in the office but let’s face it, I can’t reach the higher shelves without a step stool so I thought it more reasonable to place items I do not use often on the top shelves. 

Office Refresh











I also added a space to store all of my ribbons. I added dowels underneath the shelves to hold all of my ribbons. I love this idea and it really works. The black and white storage boxes were already in the office, but I did purge them and now they only hold stuff I truly use.

Office Refresh








The lamp on the shelf is a flea market find and I love it 

Office Refresh







…And now I have space on the shelves for my crafting supplies.

Office Refresh







And even more supplies.  I added small dowels to this container to hold my washi tape as well as other supplies.

Office Refresh Office Refesh






These are the clear tackle boxes I picked up during another haul.They are perfect for holding all of the little baubles that I use for crafting.

Office Refresh

Office Refresh







For the shelf behind the desk, I decided to use closed storage containers. This is such a clean and crisp look when you enter the room. 

Office Refresh









I even found a way to store all of the napkins I have accumulated for my decoupage projects. I will share that with you in a future post.

Office Refresh







Although I kept the daybed, I lightened up the bedding. The black comforter at the far left matches everything but is truly there to avoid a mess made by a five-year-old. 🙂

Below where the daybed lives is where my workplace table will eventually go. I am excited. I get giddy when I think of a craft table with even more storage for this room. But alas, I have to wait just a little longer. 🙂

Office Refresh







Office Refresh












This framed sign sits above my desk and I love it. It reads, “There’s an Angel Watching Over You.”

Office Refresh









Office Refresh









Office Refresh









So, that’s phase I of my office refresh. And the bet part is the entire refresh only cost $70.00 and that includes bedding and all of the storage containers. Not bad,huh?

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15 thoughts on “Organization Inspired Office Refresh

  1. Christie Hawkes says:

    $70!?! I’m impressed. And I think it’s sweet that you are giving your grandson the time he needs to adjust to sleeping in another room. They are little for such a short time. My oldest grandson is 17 now, and the “baby” is turning eight soon. Thanks for cohosting #BloggingGrandmothersLinkParty.

  2. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi Christie. My oldest grand is 17 too and then there is my little man. I am probably not getting anymore so I am not in a hurry for my grandson to grow up. I will eventually get that crafting table, but for now he is the priority. Thank you for stopping by and it is my pleasure to co-host with you.

  3. Carol ("Mimi") says:

    Your office looks great! Don’t you just love it when you get an area purged, organized, and generally spiffed up? I think it’s so sweet that you’re helping your grandson to break away from sleeping with Mimi and Poppy but still letting him be close to your room. The years fly by, and he’ll soon be taller than you! Thank you for linking up at #BloggingGrandmothersLinkParty. I’m sharing your link on social media.
    Carol (“Mimi”) from Home with Mimi

  4. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi Carol, yes I love to refresh a space and I know a lot of folks hate purging but I actually enjoy the process and the results. 🙂 Part of keeping my grandson close is because I’m really not ready for him to all the way independent. I’m thinking he is going to be my last baby so I am trying to enjoy every minute of it.It is a pleasure to co-host with you.

  5. Teresa says:

    Hi Clearissa, I have a tiny little corner of my bedroom for my desk and I would love to have a room such as this! I always love reading your organizational tips. Thank you for co-hosting and sharing your ideas at the #BloggingGrandmothersLinkParty!

  6. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi Teresa. Isn’t it funny how we always want just little more. I was just saying to a friend last night that I wish my craft room/office was larger. But I am grateful for the space I have. Thank you for stopping by and it is my pleasure to co-host with you.

  7. Rhonda Gales says:

    Awesome refresh. I’m thinking about moving my grandson into my office/guest room soon too. I’m trying to figure out just how I’m going to reorganize. Your organizational skills are great. Thanks for sharing on Sunday’s Best.

  8. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi Rhonda, thank you for stopping by. I am glad my office refresh was helpful. I hope you have good luck with your refresh as well. I would love to see pictures. See you Sunday. 🙂

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