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Organization Tip

Design and Live the Life you deserve. There is no reason to live your life in chaos. Why not begin the organization process today? Whether your kitchen needs a total organization redesign or you need to clean out your kids’ toy box, or you are finally ready to get rid of the wire hangers and truly organize your closet, Now Is The Time. Let’s work together to get it done. We can build a plan of attack for each room of your home virtually. It’s easier than you think.

Tip of the week. Decide where you want to begin. Do not try to organize the entire house all at once. Sometimes you may need to begin with a drawer or a corner of a room. Start with small baby steps–slow & steady so you do not feel overwhelmed. If you choose to start in your kitchen and reorganizing all of your cabinets in one weekend is too much, begin with one set of cabinets or even a drawer. The bottom line is to take the first step.

  • Set a timer and dedicate 30 minutes to a kitchen drawer. Once the time goes off, stop and come back again tomorrow. This will avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed
  • Go shopping. I know that sound really weird when we are trying to get rid of junk, but if you need new drawer organizers, or new food storage canisters for your cabinets, head to one of the discount stores in your area/the dollar store and pick that up. Sometimes purchasing the new stuff will get you invigorated to begin the task

Turn your To-Do List into your Ta-Da List one small step at a time.

All Things Are Possible

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