How to Organize Scarves
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 How to Organize Scarves

How is winter treating you? Our weather has been up and down since before Christmas. Hitting the 70’s in December and again now in February. We have only had a few really cold days. But the ones we had were perfect for those cozy scarves we all received for Christmas.  Amazing. Anyway, I am pleased to  say I have used my scarf collection this season, if only for a short time. And once I pulled them out, I noticed that it may be time to change my current for system of storage in order to have easier access to the growing collection of scarves. Add that to the fact that a best friend of mine is currently going through an organization frenzy and wants ideas for organizing everything…scarves included and “BAM”, a blog is born. 🙂

I found a way that has worked for me for awhile, but I am considering changing to one of the other systems in this article. Currently,  I tie a loop over non-slip, dual hanging velvet hangers and I can get 6 – 9 scarves on one hanger depending on the thickness.  My system even works with infinity scarves and if you are inclined to do so, you can even color code them on each hanger. This method has worked really well for me and saves loads of space in my space-challenged closet. However, I am beginning to think that another of the systems will provide easier access. Of course, hubs likes to remind me that there is nothing wrong with the space in the closet, but there is something definitely wrong with my shopping habit. Luckily, I’m an organizer so I ignore his suggestion to never shop again in this lifetime and find different and creative ways to purge and organize. Go me!!! 🙂

Back to organizing scarves – Since I did a little research for an alternative way to store scarves for my bestie, I decided to share them with you. As always they are budget friendly and easy fixes for an issue you may have as well.

Loop Over Non-stick Hangers – My Method of Choice

Photo Courtesy of Loop Over Non-stick Hangers: Courtesy: I Dream of Clean
Courtesy: I Dream of Clean

Courtesy Amazon
Courtesy Amazon

This is the method I use to store my scarves. However, I use the no slip hangers and I have the ones that allow you to hang a hanger on a hanger which takes up even less space. The non-slip hangers seem to be longer than regular hangers and as I said, I can get 6 – 9 scarves on each hanger depending on the thickness.  You can purchase the hangers here.  There are several variations of this method. Some attach towel bars to the wall in the closet and loop the scarves over the affixed bars. As I said, the possibilities are endless. This method is working for me, but I found another that I think is pretty sweet and that is the method using shower curtain hooks.

Shower Curtain Hooks – I am thinking of giving this a try. May be easier to get to different scarves than my current method.

Courtesy: Great Space Organizing
Courtesy: Great Space Organizing











I love the look of this and can you imagine using silver hooks against the black non-slip hangers? B E A U T I F U L! Of course, this hot pink would be pretty against the black as well. You have so many options. Aside from the aesthetics,  I like the fact that you do not have to disturb any of the other scarves to take one off the hanger. I think this is an awesome method and one I may try sometime soon. Shower hooks are so inexpensive that this could be an easy and cost effective way of pulling all of your scarves and belts and even your hubby’s ties together. Another technique to consider.

Multi-functional Hangers

Courtesy: LaLa Red
Courtesy: LaLa Red

This approach to scarf organization seems a bit more cumbersome to me but others love it. The circles allow you to simply drape your scarf and the hanger itself is thin and will not take up much space in your closet. The hangers come in all sorts of materials. From stainless steel to multi-colored.  I think what I don’t like is having to tuck each row behind the other. It is not a bad system by no means and appears to be very efficient. You can purchase the hangers here.

In the Drawer Storage:

Photo Courtesy: Joy & Sunshine
Photo Courtesy: Joy & Sunshine













My final storage solution for scarves is the dresser drawer. If you have space, this is a wonderful out- of-the-way approach to storing scarves. I absolutely love this system.  I enjoy any method, when possible, that stores things in an organized fashion but out of sight. And this fits both bills. Of course, we can’t all do that, but when you can I say go for it! These dividers would allow you once again, to color code (my favorite thing) and you can remove and replace the scarves without much upset to the others. I searched but I could not find the exact divider system but I did find a similar one and you can purchase it here.

If you love accessorizing and keeping warm with scarves like I do, and you have a growing collection, I hope you will give one of these organization methods a try. Which system do you think will work best for you or do you have a different system that you would like to share? If so, leave a comment below or drop me an email.

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11 thoughts on “How to Organize Scarves

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  2. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi Alissa. I never really thought of scarves at all until a couple of years ago. Now I have quite a few that I use as neck wear and as head wraps. As my collection grew, I had to do something. 🙂 I am so happy you stopped by. I hope you will again.

  3. Shecki says:

    I keep my scarves draped over what I wear them with on a hangar, usually. But I’m thinking I might put a Thirty One bin in the closet and start tossing them all in there.

  4. Deborah says:

    Such great ideas. I twist mine up in a ball and place them in a drawer and they are so much easier to find now. Thanks for linking up to #homemattersparty

  5. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi Shecki, Good plan you have but that wouldn’t work for me because I don’t wear mine with the same outfits and as I said in my post, I use some for headwraps. 🙂 Leave it to me to complicate things. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by. I hope you will again.

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  7. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi Camesha. Thank you for reading along. You chose the exact same one that I chose and for the same reason; however, I am thinking of purchasing some shower curtain rings and trying that method. I think the scarves will be easier to get to that way. Again, thank you.

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