Organizing your Linen Closet-We Gotta Start Somewhere

Linen Closet

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Organizing your Linen Closet-We Gotta Start Somewhere

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For some folks, the word “organizatiLinen Closeton” can bring on a case of hives or create an extreme bout of anxiety. Well, perhaps that is exaggerating a bit, but not by much according to some. But we all need to begin somewhere…right? In this article, I am sharing tips for organizing your linen closet.

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Other than a junk drawer, I think a linen closet is a great place to get your organizing feet wet. It is usually somewhat compact and an easy-to-complete task that can give you the satisfaction of a job well done in short order. That is of course if all that is in your linen closet is linen. If your linen closet has to play double-duty as a towel, cleaning products, or anything else storage too – the first step is to decide if there is really room for everything you want to store there and if there is a better place for any of the items.

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Once you have determined what role the linen closet is going to play, the next step is to purge, purge purge. Do not think that you need to keep every old towel that you remove from your linen closet. Donate them to your animal shelter or just let them go. After the purge, decide on the type of storage system that will work the best for you-make it personal when deciding on an organizational system. Take the time to give the system some thought. Most closets of this nature function best with a series of shelves, but some hooks and small baskets can help keep smaller items from getting lost or looking cluttered. But a combination of shelves and a small hanging rod can be functional as well.

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Keep the most used items at eye level for easy access such as bed linens or towels that are used daily or weekly. Other common things to store in a linen closet are out-of-season blankets and sometimes medications & supplements.  Do remember to keep these items in proper containers or bags to keep them fresh and to help them look fresh and pretty as well.

Linen Closet

If you are also storing cleaning products and appliances in your linen closet (iron, ironing board, or a vacuum cleaner), where you put them will depend on whether or not you have young children. If you do have little ones around, store the cleaning products up high and out of reach, or better yet, install a safety latch on the door.

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A nice touch to add to your linen closet is to hang lavender sachets or another scented item to keep your linen smelling nice and fresh. It’s also a very nice feeling when you open the door to your linen closet and it not only looks like a million bucks but smells like it too. Remember to add baskets and other pretty storage solutions to your closet as well. Pretty storage can really make a statement.

Linen Closet

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