Poison Ivy – Itchy And Uncomfortable

poison Ivy

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Poison Ivy – Itchy and Uncomfortable

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Poison Ivy

Are you a gardener? I am and I love the way playing in the dirt makes me feel. It is relaxing. It closes out all of my issues and problems. When I am gardening, I am in a different zone. While zoning in my garden a few years back, I somehow happened upon poison ivy. However, I had no idea what a poison ivy leaf looked like.  Throughout all of my gardening days, I had never researched poison ivy. I was aware that poison ivy could make one itchy and uncomfortable, I just never thought about it very much. Afterall that could not happen to me. Well, not until I actually lost the battle of the weeds.

Let me give you a little background. I had just moved into my house and the backyard was a mess. I made up my mind to make it mine. I worked in the yard pulling weeds, cleaning out flower beds and when the deed was done I felt quite accomplished. I went inside got a cold drink and hit the shower and that’s when the nightmare began. It was as if once the water hit my skin, it was on fire. I was whelping and itchy almost all over. It was awful. I tried Benedryl cream, I tried rubbing alcohol plus every home remedy I could think of. And each one failed to relieve the itchy pain and some seemed to make the discomfort worse. 

I weathered the storm as long as I could and when I could not take it any longer,  I headed to urgent care. That is where I was told I was having a raging reaction to poison ivy. I had waited so long until by the time I reached urgent care, I was not only itchy but wheezing and my right eye was almost swollen shut. An allergic reaction is no joke.

Poison ivy

I haven’t a clue what the shot was they gave me, nor the IV they put in my arm and all I know about the cream is that is helped to ease my discomfort. But today, there is a remedy made especially to decrease the effects of a poison ivy reaction. Now you can treat poison ivy rash with www.buyrhustox.com and you will know exactly what you are using.

Poison Ivy

If you are like me and need to know what the poison ivy plant looks like, would like to know what causes a reaction as well as treatment options, visit RhusTox and learn how to treat poison ivy rash with www.buyrhustox.com. For all of the information, you need to recognize and treat the effects of a poison ivy interaction visit http://www.buyrhustox.com/poison_ivy_facts/for all of the information. Trust me, knowing what to do is imperative. I can say that because I have learned the hard way. Make yourself aware. Do not wait until your throat is closing up and you can only see out of one eye to know your options.
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2 thoughts on “Poison Ivy – Itchy And Uncomfortable

  1. Clearissa Coward says:

    Oh Arie, my encounter with poison ivy didn’t happen recently. This was my experience a few years ago. I was sharing my experience to warn others. 🙂 You are the sweetest!

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