Pumpkin Display Ideas For Your Porch

Fall floral Porch Decor

A Cozy Lifestyle with Clearissa Coward

Pumpkin Display Ideas For Your Porch

A Cozy Lifestyle with Clearissa Coward

Fall Front Porch

Fall brings with it great weather, fun holidays, and delicious smells and parties. It’s fun to join in and show your spirit by using autumn decorating ideas. One way to get into the spirit of fall is to decorate your porch with a pumpkin display. There are so many options. You can display your serious, scary, or funny side with your decor. And best of all, you may be able to use some things you already own. In this article, I will share Pumpkin Display Ideas For Your Porch.

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Vintage Country Fall Harvest Porch

If you have an old wooden wagon laying around, or you can find one at a sale, you can make this look extra fun. Just fill the wagon with pumpkins, fall foliage, and sticks from your property, and you’re done. It’s the little touches that make a real difference. Get creative with different colors and sizes of pumpkins.

Fall Front Port

Source: hometalk.com

Get Out Some Paint

Typical fall colors not in your color wheel at all? That’s OK – you can bring in fall elements, paint them new colors, and still end up with a wonderful fall feeling to your décor. For example, you can paint pumpkins white and lavender, then bring in some basil plants, lavender plants, a bale of hay, and some baskets of hydrangeas. This will bring out the feeling of fall without ruining your color scheme.

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Keep It Simple

A couple of pumpkins, some paint, and a planter of fall flowers can make all the difference in your fall décor. Get a stencil to put your family name on one of the large pumpkins. Add gourds and other interest to bring out more of the fall season, but keep it simple. A little touch here and there makes all the difference.

Fall Porch Decor

Get Spooky

Now I don’t usually get spooky but it can be a lot of fun, I suppose. Cover some pillow forms with burlap stamped with Halloween-inspired designs such as spider webs, crows, ghosts, or even fall leaves for your porch bench or chair. Add a hay bale, surround with different sizes of pumpkins and gourds, and make a scarecrow out of hay and old overalls and a hat to sit in the chair like an old man wittling wood. Keep the colors muted for an earthier feel.

Fall Porch Decor

Source: Kayla Suazo for buzzfeed.com

Plastic Pumpkins

Get several plastic pumpkin pails from Walmart, some gold metallic paint, and stencils. Spray paint the pumpkin pails gold and use black for the lettering. You can put your name, Happy Holidays, Happy Fall, or even your house number on the pumpkins with the stencils. Stack them up by your front door on the porch. Add some real pumpkins of various sizes, colors, and shapes around the stack, along with a sunflower plant.


If you have steps that lead up to your porch, you can add pumpkins on each step, along with hay bales, apple baskets of fall plants, and more. The best way to make it look good is to use the different heights to your advantage, starting small at the bottom and getting bigger at the top.

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Pumpkin display ideas for your porch are plentiful online. You can get a lot more tips to help you decorate your porch so that it stands out for the fall holidays. Add a holiday wreath and some holiday garland to your door to make it all come together.


Do you decorate your front porch for fall? If so, do you use traditional colors or something different?

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10 thoughts on “Pumpkin Display Ideas For Your Porch

  1. Debbie@debbiestyleslife.com says:

    These are all great ideas, Clearissa. I tend to decorate our back porch since we can see it better. No one sees our front porch. I just bought some more mums in Fall colors, some pansies and a pumpkin to add to our back porch.

  2. Clearissa Coward says:

    Oooh you bought a lot of goodies. I know your back porch will be beautiful. I bought a couple of pumpkins and a mum as well. As you can see from the picture of my front porch, it is very small, more like steps. But I decorate it anyway and I love it. Have fun with your back porch. I know it will be beautiful. Don’t you just love fall?

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