Refresh My Guest Room Spending ONLY $65.00

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Refresh My Guest Room Spending ONLY $65.00

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Guest Room Refresh

It is summer and although we are not visiting or hosting visitors like we do most summers, I think we still need to refresh the rooms that we rarely use. In this case, I decided to refresh my guest bedroom. 

Because of all that is going on, I have been in a bit of a funk lately. Not quite sure what it is or if it is one thing or a culmination of several. It’s been 98 degrees here with a heat index of 112 degrees. Just too hot to be outside doing anything, and it’s not any fun to even shop because the masks and gloves are really hot and uncomfortable.  

Guest Room Refresh

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Also, just today, the gardener hit a rock while edging and sent it into my storm door and shattered my door. That was a mess and my husband had a complete knee replacement on Monday and could not pitch in for the cleanup. 

Enough complaining and I really do not mean to because I am grateful that my family is healthy and doing okay through it all. Okay on to more pleasant things like the refresh my guest bedroom

Let me say that this is a total refresh. I did not spend any money at all, and I only changed a couple of things. But what I did do was refresh everything. I am going to share what it takes to refresh a bedroom without spending a dime. 

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Bedding: ($32.00) 

I did not buy new bedding. But I did have my king-sized comforter dry-cleaned and I laundered all of the other bedding. So, although the bedding did not change, it is all so fresh, clean, and inviting. I did add a couple of floral pillows for summer that are actually pillow covers. Pillow covers are much easier to store than pillows.  

Guestroom Refresh


I have curtains and not drapes in my guest room. All I had to do with them was take them down and send them through the washer. Most drapes would need dry-cleaning, which would have added more cost but because I did not have drapes, I avoided that expense. 

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Carpet: ($33.00) 

I did have three rooms of carpet (all of the carpets in our home) cleaned or a sale price of $99.00. Since we are focusing on the guest room expense, I am including the price of cleaning the carpet in this room.   

Deep Cleaning: 

I dusted and polished everything in the room. I also pulled out the things I normally store under the bed and vacuumed under the bed. I sent several items to my local thrift store in order to bless someone else.  

I also cleaned the diffuser in the room as well.  

Faux Florals: 

I cleaned the florals by putting rice into a paper bag and began my shimmy. 😊 You just shake the bag with the rice and florals and tada…your faux florals are fresh and clean. Note: this removes dust from the leaves but if your florals are stained, this technique will not remove stains. 

Guest Room Refresh Décor: 

I did not make many changes to the decor. I did add a few yellow florals (already had them in-house) and changed the décor in the basket that sits on the bed. The empty frame (an old frame I painted a while back) is where I add the WiFi password. I also add snacks when we are expecting guests but did not add any for staging.  


I do not think I have to tell you how fresh and clean everything felt and smelled once I put everything back together. This refresh only cost me $62.00 and that’s because of the cleaners cost and the carpet cleaning cost. You may not need to do either of these.  

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4 thoughts on “Refresh My Guest Room Spending ONLY $65.00

  1. Carol says:

    It’s a wonderful feeling to have the bed fresh and clean – so inviting. I’m a big believer in pillow covers. Changing a decorative pillow can make a huge difference. Lovely bedroom!

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