Retail Therapy-Just Because It’s Spring

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Retail Therapy-Just Because It’s Spring

I don’t know about you but sometimes I need a little therapy. Last weekend I felt that a little therapy would help me to feel a bit more springy. So I hit a couple of my favorite stores for the simple reason that the weather was beautiful and it felt like spring. I wanted to share my weekend of Retail Therapy-Just Because It’s Spring with you. The caveat to this day was that hubs was with me and as always, he was the voice of reason. Therefore, I did not purchase all of the spring ware that I drooled over. 🙂 But at least we know where to find it. 🙂

This is not a sponsored post. I am sharing because we can all benefit from knowing where some of the beautiful spring home ware is found. 

Retail Therapy

Isn’t that a pretty and springy display. Bet you can not guess where I am? Okay, I will tell you…HomeGoods. You know how they have that “gotcha” table set up when you enter a store? Well, this is one of the prettiest. I love the mixture of spring colors. They had me at the yellow platter and bowl. And as always the prices were great!

Retail TherapyThis is a beautiful table, also at HomeGoods. I hope you can zoom in to see the legs. They are gorgeous. I am not in the market for a new table, but if I were…

Retail TherapyIf you follow my blog and I hope you do, you know I love a pretty tablescape. Look at all of these poppies. Aren’t they gorgeous? So many things to mix and match. This vignette is also at HomeGoods.

Retail TherapyIf you follow me on Instagram, you have seen these chairs. I found these at, you guessed it Homegoods, and I was in love. I bet you love them too. You do love them don’t you?

Retail TherapyOkay, I am trying not to start a new collection of anything. However, this Portugal line at HomeGoods is difficult to resist. I love the simplicity of the white tableware and it leaves you open to so many ways to mix and match it with other dinnerware for an ever-changing array of tablescapes. I am trying to be strong.

Retail TherapyOkay, this is the last tableware vignette. Isn’t this spring? And you can mix and match this line with the Portugal line or any white or red dinnerware. This beautiful floral pattern is so versatile. Again, at HomeGoods.

Retail Therapy

Add a little bling, bling. This three-tiered server is gorgeous. I love all of the crystals and bling. So many different uses for this piece. And sitting next to it is that pineapple to die for. It is blingy too.

Retail Therapy

These chairs are cute. Found at Home Goods, these cute chairs need a home.

Retail TherapyThese babies were found at Marshalls. Our Marshalls and HomeGoods are right next door to each other. Very convenient but not good for me and 2 minutes away is Bed Bath and Beyond. I have a difficult time being thrifty in this area but hubs does not. 🙂 At any rate, these pillows have my signature color and they are perfect for a bench in my hallway and so they followed me home. But they were a red tag sale item which saved a little money.

Retail TherapyMarshalls is a good resource if you are looking for storage items. They are all reasonably priced and these wire baskets are very popular right now. They are often used in farmhouse decor. I think I will pick up a couple for my office/craft room refresh. The wicker baskets on the bottom shelf are cute too and they are red tagged. Which makes it even better.
Retail Therapy More storage baskets at Marshalls. There are several styles and all on this shelf are red tagged which means prices are slashed.

Retail Therapy

My final stop was AC Moore and these lanterns were almost a steal. Battery operated with the Edison bulbs make them very smart.

Retail TherapyAs a crafter, when I first saw these, I thought, I can make these. However, once I saw the price, I thought it would cost more to purchase these decorated jars than to DIY or upcycle them. AC Moore had these on sale for $1.00. Quite a sale…right?

That’s it, my day of retail therapy just because it’s spring. I did purchase a few other things besides the pillows, but I did not take a picture of my haul. My bad, I will do that next time. But now you know who may have some of the greatest sales on springy things for your home. 

Have you found any good sales lately? Which stores do you frequent for your housewares?

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4 thoughts on “Retail Therapy-Just Because It’s Spring

  1. Nadalie says:

    Hey Chearissa,

    Hmm… not sure if I believe in retail therapy, at least not anymore. I’ve embraced minimalism and don’t really find much joy in buying stuff anyone – even if they’re pretty china. Which even surprises me, because I actually have a tea cup and pot collection and love finding bone china.

    But do I still? Who knows.

    Happy shopping,


  2. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi Nadalie,

    Thank you for stopping by. I don’t always buy everything I love. But I do still buy on occasion. My blog is based on living large without spending a lot so I am always looking for and sharing bargains with my readers. I support minimalism but there is room for a little retail therapy in my world even if it is at a thrift store or a discount store. 🙂 Please, stop again soon.

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