Seven Tips to Declutter Your Workspace


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Seven Tips to Declutter Your Workspace

Happy New Year!!! I hope you are all set to get 2018 off to an organized and productive start! I don’t know about you, but I am on a mission to organize and or reorganize areas of my home throughout this new year. Today’s focus is the office or workspace. Whether your workspace is a home office or an office outside your home, organization is an important part of productivity. I believe a cluttered desk or workspace is simply a disaster waiting to happen. I also offer that a cluttered workspace hampers one’s ability to think clearly and affects the time and methods used to complete a project.

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So, as I said above, it is the beginning of a new year and this is the perfect time to get your office and/or workspace in order and organized. Try the tips below and I will guarantee that you will enjoy benefits such as, being able to find what you are looking for when you need it, having the space to spread out an entire project in order to see the big picture, and not feeling embarrassed if someone comes to visit your work area. You may think your clutter is not an issue, but I am certain your coworkers and/or superiors and even your clients do not see it the same way. And even if you work at home in an office in your home, clutter is affecting you I guarantee it! Try the seven steps below and enjoy the benefits of an orderly workspace and a stress-free mind.

* Work Area – Take an honest look at your workspace and consider what bothers you the most about it. Is it the stacks of unfiled papers or the empty coffee cups? Whichever it is, purge what you do not need and organize whatever you decide to keep and then clean, clean, clean what is left. Ahhhh…clean and organized is good.

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* Paperwork – Start with unfiled papers. Add an inbox where you will place all incoming paperwork. This could be incoming mail, papers you need to review or work to do. The point is to have one place for all new paperwork so you can manage your workload. The ideal process means you should not have to handle most paperwork more than once. Do not get into the habit of reshuffling paperwork.

* Break It Down – As you go through the papers in the inbox, separate the things that need your immediate attention, things that have important dates or contact information and those that you can handle at another time. Also, be sure to have a file thirteen nearby so that junk mail or any unnecessary paperwork can be tossed when you touch it the first time. Log meeting information in your calendar, add contact information to your address book or card file, and either file the paper where it belongs or get rid of it.

* Filing System – Create a simple filing system to keep important papers. This could include a tickler file that you will review at the beginning of each day. A tickler file is a 31-day system that allows you to place papers you will need for the future filed by due date. It is a reminder system to ensure you handle future items on time. Once you have your system in place, use it daily to keep papers from piling up again. If your office is less paper and more electronic, make sure you enter due dates of all projects, invoices to be processed or any other time-sensitive work is added to an electronic calendar system with pop-up reminders.

* Clearing It Up – Clear all of the paperwork from your desk, even if it means only stacking it in the inbox so you can see what else you have to do. Clear the desk of all other items and decide to create a specific home for everything you must touch throughout the day to get your job done. A place for everything and everything in its place.  If there are office supplies that you use regularly, you will want to have them at your fingertips and available when you need them. Anything that you do not use regularly you will want to place in a drawer or cabinet. When you have a place for everything, be sure you put each item where it “lives” when it is not in use.

* Take The Time – Once you have your desk cleared, your filing system set up and your workday process created, do your best to work within your process. Take 15 minutes at the end of the day to clear the desk so you have a blank slate when the new day begins.

Live With It – Work at keeping your desk cleared for a week before you begin focusing on the next area of your work area that is cluttered. It is a good idea to work a process for a few days to make sure it works for you.  Doing this will allow you to manipulate any part of the process that does not fit your personal style. Remember, you are developing a personal organizational process. It is not a one-size fits all method. Once you have tweaked your process to fit your style, then and only then, should you move on to other areas of your workspace. If a process does not fit your style, chances are you will not stick to it. So be sure you are comfortable with the organization you choose.

These tips to declutter your workspace are by no means exhaustive. They are, however, a good starting place when your cluttered workspace becomes an issue. You can make a difference in how your workspace looks and how you feel while you are in it. If you know your desk and workspace is a mess, begin today to use a few of these tips and see what a difference organization can make. It’s an easy starting place and can be the incentive you need to organize other areas of your life and space as well.

What do you think? Is this an area you feel comfortable organizing? Do you think an organized workspace makes a difference in your productivity?

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  1. Audrey says:

    My desk is so cluttered I am working at the kitchen table. Once my husband goes back to work after his winter break I will have to tackle it. Just in time for tax prep. YEAH!

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