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Taming the Wires – Office Project II

I have been ashamed of this corner for over 2-years now and if I am honest, I cannot for the life of me, tell you how it became this tangled, messy, chaotic jumble of wires. When I first put my office together, there were just a few wires for my PC, printer, shredder and lamp. But somehow, the wires multiplied as I added my labeler, speakers, and other gadgets. Also, I had a little help with this mess from my cable company and internet service as they added the modem and other little doodads to make things work properly. But in the end, I ended up with this mess.

Wire, Wires Where Are You

You have no idea, or perhaps you do if you have a corner like this in your home, how this has bothered me. You cannot see it unless you are behind my desk but I knew it was there and the room never seemed clean or tidy to me once this mess was in place. Oh everyone else thought the room was perfectly clean, but I knew my dirty little secret. This week, I alleviated this problem and it did not cost me one penny. Welll update…it did cost a dollar.


Garbage bag ties                              $0.00 (had them in the house

Washi Tape                                       $0.00 (had it in the house)

My Time                                             Priceless 🙂

Trash Receptacle                               $1.00

The first thing I did was to take all of the wires apart. I did not have a clue as to which wire belonged to which gadget. Once all of the wires were disassembled, guess what I found? I had wires still plugged in and tangled into this web of wires that were no longer attached to any device in the office. An old printer wire, of which the printer was replaced with a wireless one, an old phone cord to a phone we no longer have, etc.

After discarding the useless wires, I labeled each wire that was going back with washi tape. I simply wrote the name of the item the wire belonged to and if it was an ATT wire, I labeled it as such so I know which wires belong to ATT and which belong to my personal devices. That will make it easier if/when we switch carriers again.

Once labeled, I grouped like wires together with garbage ties to make them look neater as they snaked down the wall. Once the wires were reconfigured, I had condensed them down from three surge protectors to two and I even had empty plugs. That was a happy dance moment! Celebration over, back to work. 🙂

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have 2 laptops but hubs is attached to the PC but after looking at all the wiring, I am even more determined to convince him to give it up. Or maybe we could at least get a more compact one to replace it. Afterall, this one is at least 9 years old.

Wires, Wires Where are You

Once the project was complete, I felt 20lbs lighter. Note, although I felt 20lbs lighter, this did not result in any actual shrinkage from my waistline. 🙂 However, it did result in shrinkage of stress related to this corner in its original state.

Wires, Wires Where Are You


There are two items that I have in my aStore cart to order to complete this project. One is a USB station where I can plug in all of the USB cords and USB adapters for wireless components. You can order it here.  This device has 10 USB ports and will centralize all of my USB devices.

USB Adapter

Another item I am thinking of purchasing from my Amazon aStore is the cable management sleeve. Although I have corralled the cords, I am thinking the sleeves, painted the same buttery yellow as the wall will blend in seamlessly and none of the cords will be visible. You can order the sleeves here.

Wires, Wires Where Are You

The project is complete. The next project is also an office project. My focus this month is on the office only. I am planning to have gone through and organized and/or refreshed most spaces in my home within a four month period this year. But hey, if it takes 6 months, I will not beat myself up about and neither should you. If you take your time and do it right the first time, chances are you will not have to do it again for quite some time. I will, because that is simply what I do, but you won’t. 🙂 

What are you working on? Do you have an area that makes you crazy every time you see it? What’s your plan to fix the issue? Need help figuring it out? Contact me. I’m here to help.

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