Thanksgiving Tablescapes-What’s Your Fav?

Thanksgiving Tablescape

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Thanksgiving Tablescapes-What’s Your Fav?

It’s time to plan for your Thanksgiving feast. This is especially important if you are hosting. You need a guest list, menu list, shopping list, a to-do list and perhaps even a Christmas gift list because many folks also shop on Thanksgiving. But while you are making all of those plans I want you to consider how you will serve your fabulous meal. Will you set a formal table on Thanksgiving Day? By the way, I will have a great free download to help you with your Christmas shopping budget and gift list in an upcoming post. Part of the preparation for a successful gathering is creating a warm and inviting space for your family and friends to enjoy the meal and time together. An important part of the prep is the dining tablescape. Following let’s discuss Thanksgiving tablescapes-What’s Your Fav?  

I want your family, friends and you to enjoy the day. I am going to share five tablescapes I found interesting and very pretty. Perhaps you can get some ideas from them. Let’s Get Started

Anita from Far Above the Rubies


Anita is a tablescape guru. She has many beautiful tablescapes on her blog but this one is gorgeous.  I love the rustic wooden box in the center of the table and the fall cabbage that is used as greenery is perfect for this time of year.  The tablescape is simple but pretty and the farm table is everything! It is not overly done and the centerpiece is low to allow for easy table conversation. The centerpiece does not leave a lot of room to add the turkey and other dishes to the table but it is perfect if you are serving from another table or from the kitchen counter. Some families like it informal and although the china is lovely and the crystal glasses sparkle, this is an informal setting and I love it. Yay Anita.

Kim from Sand & Sisal

Thanksgiving Tablescape

Kim has totally knocked it out of the park with this one! Do you not just love the colors here. Of course, her site is Sand & Sisal so the beach theme is not unexpected but that pop of blue is genius. And it just pops when paired with the neutral color scheme.  Everything is simple, comfy and well, beachy. Notice the small yet necessary, details like the name tags that match the color of the burlap runner and the attached white star that matches the white plates.  Check out how the napkins blend so well with the burlap and the rest of the table accessories. And the white pumpkins with the blue and white candles pull it all together. Way to go Kim.



Doreen from Hymns & Verses

This tablescape captures the true meaning of the Thanksgiving season. The tablescape has a Thanksgiving Tablescapeseasonal message written on the tablecloth as does the sign that is cleverly placed on a table leaning against the mirror. Count your blessings and grateful, thankful, blessed are exactly what we are supposed to be feeling during this holiday and beyond. The table also is very nostalgic. I have not seen a cornucopia in years but this one is dressed to the nines. There isn’t any orange in this setting. This is a calm and neutral table and it is gorgeous. I am in love with this table and I will be on the lookout for a cornucopia when thrifting next time.



Kristen from Ella Claire

Thanksgiving Tablescape

Kristen’s table truly speaks bounty to me. I’m not sure if it’s the bread at each place setting, or the lovely striped pillows on the chairs (these pillows are in my dining room as well, but my  stripes are burgundy) but this table setting feels good and comfy to me.  This table is decorated to the max and Kristen had a brilliant idea. She suggests adding your centerpiece after you set the table. This way you will know exactly how much room you have left to work with when adding decorative items. I like that idea. Did you notice that she is using books as placemats? Now that is unique and very creative wouldn’t you say. That one step alone personalizes the table and I’ll bet her guests will remember this table for a very long time. There are a lot of natural elements used in this tablescape as well, but I am very impressed with the candle holders. They are left over from a tree that was cut down in their yard. Crafty…right?

Lori at Dining Delight

This is by far the most traditional Thanksgiving table on the list. From the 

 Thanksgiving Tablescape

color scheme of golds, burgundy, and oranges, it is all about the season of turning leaves. I think what drew me to this tablescape is all the sparkling candlelight. I love how each table setting has its own votive and it looks like the pumpkins are covered in glitter. How twinkly is that? One other detail that I like here…notice how each table setting has its own salt and pepper shakers. That is really cute.




There you have it. Five different Thanksgiving tablescapes. All unique and all beautiful. The important thing to take away from this article is that you can be creative and you can be different and there is no one way to serve your guests. Remember the books that were used as placemats? 🙂 Anything goes as long as you follow a color scheme, a mood theme and your guests feel welcome at your table. 

These formal and semi-formal setting may not be for you. If you and your family have dinner in front of the TV using TV trays, and that is how your family visits, loves, and fellowships…go for it!!! I love a pretty tablescape but my kids and hubs could care less. They want to taste while I’m cooking, choose movies to watch once the meal is finished and dishes are done. They would eat gathered around the small table in the breakfast nook if I would allow it. But I ask for a trade-off. My trade-off is, eat first, clean up the kitchen and then let’s all just stretch out and watch movies and enjoy each other. It’s a compromise. But the way you serve your Thanksgiving dinner is all about you and your loved ones and what makes everyone happy.

But you have to agree these tables are pretty, aren’t’ they? Do you set a formal table? What does your family do after the meal is done? Do you dress for dinner?

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16 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Tablescapes-What’s Your Fav?

  1. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi Shivonne,

    Of course you can pull one of these off. I love them all and I’m not sure I could choose a favorite if I had to. So let me know which one you decide to go with. 🙂

  2. Grammy says:

    We always have a formal table for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. These are all nice looking tablescapes but I like Lori’s the best.

  3. Sue says:

    We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving In Australia Clarissa but these tablescapes are just gorgeous. The tablescape is just as important as the food as it sets the mood for the festivities. Thanks for hosting Blogging Grandmothers linkup and have a great day!

  4. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi Sue, Thank you for stopping by. And I agree, a pretty table really sets the mood. I try to set my dining room table for the different seasons. I’m glad you enjoyed the tablescapes. And do join Blogging Grandmothers again next week. 🙂

  5. Jean | says:

    Clearissa, these are all so lovely. Thinking back to my childhood, though, I recall no flowers or candles or decor of any kind on the Thanksgiving table, simply because every square inch of the table was covered with food! My mother always did beautiful presentation as well as world-class food.

  6. Clearissa Coward says:

    You know Jean…now that I think of it, you’re right! But my grandmother’s family was much larger than mine. When all of her children and grands showed up we had to have 2 or 3 tables set up and there were no centerpieces. 🙂 But I have space now and I love a pretty table. Besides, I don’t put everything on the table. No deserts are on the table. And If I have over cooked, I remove the center piece once dinner gets serious. Thank you for reminding me of some really good memories and thank you for stopping by and reading along.

  7. Melinda Mitchell says:

    As a librarian, I was horrified by the very idea of books as a place mat! But you’re right, it’s very personal, and definitely memorable!!
    I love all of them, but the Give Thanks tablecloth one is my fave!
    Blogging Grandmothers

  8. Debbie Rodrigues says:

    That’s a hard one. I love them all.
    Personally, I’m not into doing much decoration because of the clutter it creates afterwards (we live very small so there’s not much room for storing things), who doesn’t like to enjoy a meal this way? 😉

  9. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi Debbie,

    Good to connect with you again. You are right about one think, if you decorate, you really need a little storage space. But I think it’s worth it to have a few things put away for special occasions. But trust, there is nothing wrong with living a small, uncluttered life either. It’s all about choices. Enjoy your holidays.

  10. candy says:

    Honestly I just can’t choose. I see one and think that is my favorite, scroll down and see another one and love it. They would all work well in my home decor.

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