Tool Caddy Turned Cleaning Caddy…What a Good Idea

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An Unexpected Organization Find!!

A blast from the past…

My husband and I were in Sears to pick up a filter for the refrigerator water system a while back…they are expensive! 🙁 While walking through the store I happened upon a tool caddy and it was on sale for $9.99. Well, the water filter was triple that cost – Ugghhh! And you know I’m all about the bargain! I did not need a tool caddy, but it caught my eye and because of the bargain price…I lingered. The issue was finding a way to put the caddy to good use. Then I had a lightbulb moment. Isn’t that what we re-designers and organizers do?

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This caddy would be perfect for my cleaning supplies. How nice it would be to have all of my cleaning supplies in one easy to carry caddy. The caddy was offered in several colors. Pink, which I absolutely loved; blue and green which did not speak to me; and black which I bought. I know you’re asking; if you loved the pink why did you buy black. Well, I’ll tell you why. I immediately thought of my caddy 6-months down the road, all dirty and gross looking in a dirty pink. Not attractive! While the black will remain close to the original color and not look so dirty over time. So instead of following my heart, I followed my sensibilities. WhooHoo, I’m proud of me.


So take a look at my caddy. It houses everything I use to clean both down and upstairs and I can just pluck it out of the closet and go for what I know in one fail swoop. Rubber gloves, glass cleaner, disinfectants and all of the other necessary cleaners are right here in the “cleaning caddy”. So this Craftsman tool caddy is now my Craftsman cleaning caddy and I’m pleased and I think you will be as well. One more example of finding a new way to use an organizational tool.  Are you using something in a different way than it was intended? Share with me.

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PM-Cleaning Caddy 3PM-Cleaning Caddy 6-=rear viewPM-Cleaning Caddy 3PM-Cleaning Caddy 2

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