Vision Board Or Prayer Board?

Vision Board or Prayer Board

Vision Board Or Prayer Board?

It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without heart.”
– Unknown

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“Pray without ceasing”
– Thessalonians 5:17

Vision Board or Prayer Board

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I realize it’s March and most people create their vision and/or prayer boards in January. But I did not get around to it this year. I thought about just letting it go but something kept nagging at me to get it done so here we are, the first week of March and I am creating my prayer board. Yes, you read correctly, I said prayer board instead of a vision board.

Vision Board or Prayer Board

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For years I have created a vision board. I cut out the pictures and added them to my board in anticipation of manifesting my dreams and wishes. The key word here is manifesting. This year I decided to try something different. I had never heard of a prayer board until this year and after doing some research, I decided to trust Christ instead of making it all about me. With that in mind, I decided to go with the prayer board this year. If you are like me, perhaps you are not sure of the difference between a vision board and a prayer board.  Let’s explore the two a bit further.

A prayer board and a vision board serve different purposes, although they can sometimes overlap in practice. Here’s a breakdown of the differences:

Vision Board or Prayer Board


Prayer Board: A prayer board is typically used as a tool for spiritual reflection, meditation, and communication with the divine. It’s a place where individuals can write down their prayers, intentions, gratitude, or requests for guidance. It’s often seen as a way to deepen one’s connection with one’s faith or spirituality. As a Christian, I found that my prayer board has helped me to be intentional about my prayer and praise life.

Vision Board: A vision board is more focused on personal goals, dreams, and aspirations. It’s a visual representation of the things a person wants to achieve or manifest in their life. It can include images, words, or phrases representing specific goals, such as career aspirations, travel destinations, relationships, or personal development objectives.

Vision Board Or Prayer Board?


Prayer Board: Content on a prayer board typically consists of prayers, scriptures, quotes, or affirmations related to one’s spiritual beliefs. It may also include images or symbols that hold significance in a person’s faith tradition. I used to use envelopes for each sector. I added a coordinating scripture to the outside of the envelope and my prayer for each sector is added to the inside of the envelope.

Vision Board: Content on a vision board is more varied and can include images or words representing specific goals, desires, or intentions across various areas of life, such as career, relationships, health, personal growth, and lifestyle.



Prayer Board: The focus of a prayer board is on seeking spiritual guidance, expressing gratitude, and fostering a deeper connection with one’s faith or spiritual beliefs. I have an answered prayers envelope on my board and as prayers are answered, I will move them to this envelope. I am doing that because sometimes we tend to forget what we prayed for and therefore we forget the praise portion of honoring Christ. But if we can go back and look through the answered prayers envelope, we will remember that the prayer was answered and remember to praise.

Vision Board or Prayer Board

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Vision Board: The focus of a vision board is on setting and visualizing personal goals and aspirations, with the intention of manifesting them into reality through focused attention and action.


Prayer Board: The outcome of using a prayer board involves experiencing a sense of spiritual peace, clarity, and connection with one’s faith. It can also provide a space for reflection and mindfulness.

Vision Board or Prayer Board

Vision Board: The outcome of using a vision board is often related to achieving the goals and aspirations depicted on the board. By regularly visualizing these goals, individuals may be more motivated and focused on taking the necessary steps to turn their visions into reality.

While prayer boards and vision boards have distinct purposes, some individuals may combine elements of both practices in their personal or spiritual development routines, using them as complementary tools for introspection, goal-setting, and spiritual growth.

So which do you prefer? Do you create a prayer board, a vision board, or a combination of the two? Let me know, I would love to hear from you.

Vision Board or Prayer Board

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Vision Board or Prayer Board

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2 thoughts on “Vision Board Or Prayer Board?

  1. Carol says:

    Thank you for the clear explanation of the nature of prayer and inspiration boards. I had heard and made inspiration boards, but I was not familiar with prayer boards at all. This post is very inspiring and I am now contemplating what I would put on my mixed board.

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