Warm and Inviting Décor Trends To Follow This Winter

Cozy Decorations

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Warm and Inviting Décor Trends To Follow This Winter

Today I would like for you to welcome Kacey Mya back to the Command Center. Kacey has shared here on the blog before and is doing so again today. Today Kacey will help you keep the warmth in your decorating style during the cold winter months. Now, I must admit, I am not a minimalist by any means, but I do agree with less being more once we declutter our homes of all of the holiday decorations. I sort of feel like it’s a new space once everything is put away and there is more space in my home. So, enjoy Kacey’s take on warm and inviting decor trends to follow this winter and I will too.

Cozy Decorations

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When the world slips into the winter season, it’s easy to let the warm fireplaces and cozy blankets lull you into a sense of stagnation. Frigid temperatures make everyone want to slow down and rest, but that doesn’t mean that you have to wait until spring to get moving on your bucket list. Don’t let another second slip by! If one of your goals for the new year is to add new décor to your home or redecorate, you can start right away.

Decorating your home in winter comes with different challenges than in warmer seasons because it’s easy to slip into a mindset that incorporates colder tones and wintery vibes. Whites, blues, and grays invite a chilly tone to any room. They might look great, but they’ll touch each living space with a bit of frosty winter vibes.

Instead, start your decorating by thinking about what décor you can use to invite a sense of warmth into your home. You don’t always need to run out and buy lots of expensive cans of paint to make a room have a different feel. Sometimes it’s all about what décor pieces you decide to use, so take a second to look into what décor will create warm tones to bring a bit of sunshine into your living space.

Fall in Love with Minimalist Accent Pieces

If you were asked to think of warm decorations, you might think of things that are the color yellow, but that doesn’t mean you’re locked into a specific color scheme for your house. Instead, think bigger. What kind of style describes your living space? Consider using a minimalist style to make your home feel warmer.

Cozy Decorations

It may feel backward to have fewer things in a particular space, but it can create the feeling of airing out a room and making it feel cozier. You can easily create warm minimalist spaces by using things like furniture with swerved edges instead of sharp, or earthy colors instead of bright ones. Plus, you’ll get to clean things out and maybe even donate what you don’t need anymore to pass on the good vibes to your community.

Implement Wood Tones

Mixing wood tones in your home actually creates an inviting atmosphere that you may not have noticed before. Something as simple as using a dark piece of wood as your entertainment center and lighter pieces of wood as shelving will balance a room and make it feel warmer. You can easily learn how to mix wood tones correctly so you can get moving on the wood tones that invite warmth into where you live.
Add Some Plants to Your Home

For those who don’t consider themselves good enough designers to get into wood swatches and style schemes, bringing some plants into your home could be the easy fix to making your home warmer. Whether you’ve got a green thumb and you want to grow the plants yourself or you invest in some great fake plants, incorporating just a few plants into any room will transform your home with texture.

Having an atmosphere where things can grow naturally adds a warm and inviting tone to any home. Think about using some leafy vines in high spaces you don’t use, like on top of kitchen cabinets. Place potted flowers in light, warm colors like pinks and purples where people can enjoy them. Having that natural texture added to your home will create another warm layer for people to bask in while they’re in your home.

Cozy Furniture

Decorating your home in the winter doesn’t mean that you’re locked into certain color schemes or furniture styles. In fact, even if you’re wanting to redo your home entirely this winter, you don’t need to invest in expensive furniture sets or paint. First, look at what décor you’re currently using and ask yourself if it’s contributing to the cold atmosphere you’re looking to change.

By adding or taking away a few décor pieces, you can add a warm vibe to your home in no time. Play around with wood tones in the décor and furniture you have or add a couple plants to the most populated rooms you have. You’ll quickly notice a change in the way each room looks and how it makes you feel when you step into it.

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