Weekly Organization Tip – What Can You Do Today?

Written by Clearissa Coward
Divinely Organized – Weekly Organization Tip – Week of October 26, 2015
What Can You Do Today?

Messy Bed 2 PMI thought it would be a good idea to begin a “Quick Tip of the Week” focused on organization for Divinely Organized. These will not be long articles, more like reminders or quickie tips you can use to keep your home and sometimes your car or office organized.

They will be quick tips and to some, they may seem quite obvious, but you would be surprised how just a nudge can help someone get and stay on the organizational track.

So for this week I would like to give you a quick tip for keeping your bedroom looking clean and organized. And the tip for this week is (drum roll please)…Make Your Bed Every Day. I know, I know, your mother used to tell you that too. But it’s true. If the bed is made, the room looks a lot less cluttered and thusly organized and tidy.

Neat Bed 2 PMEven if the furniture is not dusted or the floors are not vacuumed, if you make your bed, the room will have an organized, neat and uncluttered appearance. It’s not hard to develop this habit. Let’s do this…let’s all commit to making our bed every morning for the entire month of November. I will bet you that if you stick to it for the entire month, by December, it will become just another part of your morning routine.


So who’s with me? If you are game to committing to challenge, leave me a comment.  Here’s a novel idea, although our challenge doesn’t begin until I Challenge You PMNovember 1st, it will not hurt to begin tomorrow morning. That way you’ll have a head start on everyone else. Also, I would love it if you would send a picture of your made bed on November 1st.



No more clutter, accept the challenge and leave me a comment…see you next week!






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