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Posted: Apr 29, 2015

From the Desk of Clearissa’s Command Center via Customized Virtual Business Solutions

What Can A Virtual/Personal Assistant Do For You?

The Virtua/Personal Assistant (VA) Concept

I was having lunch with a friend last week and she was asking about my website and new business. When I explained the DIY and upcycling part of my business, she totally got it. When I explained the consulting aspect of my business she was onboard. When we discussed the skincare line, she was all for it and had been a skincare customer for years. However; when I tried to explain the intricacies of a virtual/personal assistant, she was lost. Funny huh? In my mind, the virtual/personal assistant tendril of my business is the most self-explanatory. I was intrigued so I tried to explain further, “I can perform the same duties that a traditional assistant can but I do it remotely and without the expense of benefits, provision of office space while allowing my clients the opportunity to only use the service when it required.”

Although she said she understood, I could see the blank stare on her face and at that very moment, it hit me – could it be possible that there are many who do not understand the value of hiring a virtual/personal assistant? Well, we simply cannot have that therefore, I have decided to find a way to break it down for her and anyone else who does not understand the concept and benefits of a Virtual/Personal Assistant.  Read more here and for questions or a consultation contact me here.

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