What to do with a Genie Lamp?

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What to do with a Genie Lamp?

A few months ago I bought a lamp from the flea market. It was a very odd shaped lamp. I thought it looked like an old fashioned water pump. Hubs thought it looked like some sort of Genie lamp. At any rate, it needed a little love but it spoke to me. And although I can no longer remember the exact cost, I am certain it was below $10.00. Score!!!

The lamp has been sitting in my dining room in a corner since the purchase so this weekend, I decided to try to clean it up and see what I could do to improve the look a bit. I have challenged myself to complete my next 5 projects for under $50.00 and so far I’m 3 and O with the Noodle Wreath project, Mason Jar Dispenser project and this lamp project. Three down two to go. 🙂

This is how the lamp looked when I brought it home. Kinda sad huh? But it had potential.

Lamp 1 PM

What I Needed:

  • Lamp                 $10.00
  • Spray paint        $0.00 had it on hand
  • Lamp shade      $0.00 had it on hand
  • Ribbon              $0.00 had it on hand
  • Masking tape    $0.00 had it on hand
  • Glue gun           $0.00 had it on hand

What I Did – The Lamp:

  • Wiped the lamp down with a soapy warm cloth and dried thoroughly
  • Taped the cord and lighting element to protect
  • Spray painted the lamp a hammered bronze (was really torn because I almost painted it black – which do you think you prefer)?
  • I sprayed 2 thin coats of the hammered bronze paint – allowing it to dry between coats

What I Did – The Shade:

  • The shade was actually kinda formal with a linen look and the lamp was a lot less formal. Some would not put the two together, but I would. 🙂 Love the contrast.
  • To lessen the formality of the shade; however, I added ribbon with a little burlap. You can’t get any less formal than burlap (it’s glued on with hot glue).

Shade Embellishment PM

  • I think the little addition of burlap marries the informal lamp to the more formal lampshade. Do you agree?

Shade PM

  • Finally, I add a bow to the shade as well. I am still considering if the bow stays but for now, I am leaving it. I can always remove it once I’ve had a chance to live with it for a couple of days.

One more little project complete for way under the $50.00 limit and a million more to go.  But I’m not complaining. After all, what would I do if I did not have a project going on? I’m thinking I would not be a happy camper. Until the next one!

LampShade at Night 1 PM

Question for you…do you think this lamp would look better if it were black?

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2 thoughts on “What to do with a Genie Lamp?

  1. Maddy says:

    Hi there Clearissa
    I definitely don’t think it would look better black, I think the colors blend in well and also the shade is in good proportion to the base.
    But then I am older generation and maybe it would have a younger more trendy look if black..So I guess it all hinges on where you place it.
    Well done for finding such a bargain!

  2. Clearissa Coward says:

    Thank you, Maddy. The shade does blend well with the current color. I was just wondering if black with a black, white, or black and white shade would be as you said more trendy. 🙂 We’ll see if others agree. Again, thanks for the feedback.

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