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Your Personal Reasons To Be Organized And I Challenge You

Organizing Your Home might bring different benefits to you than it might for someone else. Take me for instance. Organizing my home alleviates stress. It also allows me to be successful in other areas of my life. You see, if my home is in disarray, I simply cannot function.

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Believe me, I know it is not all that sane to feel that way, but what am I gonna do? That’s just the way I’m wired. I have taken vacation days from my job to stay home and clean and organize because I simply could not concentrate at work because my home was out of order. Sad as it may sound, it is a true testimony.

You see, in my life, it is all intertwined. I am not good at compartmentalizing. If my home needs cleaning, organization, or decluttering, my office life is chaotic, my personal life is chaotic, my love life is chaotic (oh no not that). The chaos reaches out and touches every aspect of my life. For me it is all interconnected.

The effect of an organized space spells relief and peace for me, while it may spell something totally different for someone else. That is what I mean when I say organizing your home could be different for you than it is for someone else.

Some folks do not have a lot of clutter and junk but need to know how to maintain organization once they have things decluttered, organized and in place.


On the other hand, some homeowners have piles upon piles…a big mess, and still think it’s just a matter of needing additional storage.

When, in fact, storage is the last thing they need. Their first step should be getting rid of clutter, rather than adding more storage just to keep more stuff.

The thing is, once you start organizing your home, you’ll see how great and real the benefits are:

-It’s reducing stress by having order and discipline.

-It’s having more space by keeping clutter out for good.

-It’s simplifying the way you live at home by creating useful systems that work for you personally.

-It’s a way of being on time, and not feeling the strain of running against the clock.


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Quite simply, when you finally start to make the simple changes of organization, it all adds up to give you more room to breath so you can enjoy your family, your friends, your home, and even yourself, more.

Being organized isn’t a matter of being rich or poor, young or old. We were never taught organization in school and, in fact, we were taught to multi-task and to go in too many directions at once. Do you remember when multi-tasking was the buzz-word on everyone’s lips. And if you were not multi-tasking, you were thought to be either lazy or under utilized. Do you remember those days? I sure do!

This was how they told us to live. I am happy that trend is dwingling and we are now seeking a life work balance. Which means we are spending more time in our homes and our homes should be comfortable and you know my favorite wore…”cozy” and comfy, cozy to me, cannot be achieved in an overly cluttered and disorganized space.

Personally, I have always gone against the grain and never worried about keeping things I do not need. I try to make sure if something is not being put to use or it’s out-of-date… it’s getting sold, passed on to someone else, or thrown out.

Somewhere along the way I figured out that organization simply made sense.  I like to be on time and being organized makes that possible. I don’t like wasting time looking for things, like tools or ingredients for cooking or paperwork or bills. Being organized makes it all a lot easier. That’s what I mean about touching every aspect of my life.

Organizing your home will not make you rich, but it will certainly save you money by avoiding duplicate purchases and late bills.

It will not make you any younger, but it will certainly give you more time to do things you might think you don’t have time to do.

Being organized isn’t going to give you a bigger house, but it will clear clutter and open up some space so you’ll feel like you have a bigger house because there will be less congestion and “stuff” all over the place.

Although the benefits may be different for each of us, make no mistake that getting your physical space in order will definitely help to de-clutter your mind space and your emotional space as well.


Don’t believe me? I challenge you to organize one kitchen cabinet. Get rid of expired items, or items you may have purchased but your family does  not eat it any longer. Purge all of the “stuff” that is not useful from that one cabinet. And once purged, clean that one cabinet and place what’s left back into the cabinet in an orderly and organized manner. I have added some links to systems to help you organize in case you’re interested.

I guarantee you will have positive vibes once this project is complete. Will you accept my “one cabinet” challenge? I will challenge myself as well and will reorganize the cabinets under my bathroom sink. I will even take you along for the ride in a video on my YouTube channel.

We will end the challenge on February 28, 2019. That will give each of us enough time to organize one cabinet in our home. Just one.

If you accept my challenge, please leave the comment, “I accept” in the comments below. If I get 5 of you to comment, I will create a special private FaceBook group where we can post our before and after photos. Sound like fun? Come on…Accept the Challenge.

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Until next time…I remain in my Element – God Bless!




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