10 DIY Projects that are Perfect for Summer time

Summer Crafting

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10 DIY Projects that are Perfect for Summer time

Summer has just begun and we are very excited to make the best of it! Isn’t everyone? Whether you are enjoying a sunny day at the beach, preparing refreshing drinks, or trying out these wonderful DIY and craft ideas at home, it is that time of year for laughter, family, and fun. DIY projects are a great way to relax, clear the mind, and in some cases, spend quality time with family – with the bonus of creating something amazing! Check out the DIY project ideas below that are all about providing you with some relaxation time and creating summer memories that will last forever. Summer Time Fun!

Garden Lights

Summer Crafts

Image source: Skip to my Low

Spending time outside is one of the main reasons we love summer. So, having outdoor lighting is the least you can do to make the best out of those summer evenings. These hanging candle holders are an adorable addition to your garden landscape and you can learn how to DIY them here. And it comes with a bonus: if you use citronella candles, it will help keep the mosquitoes away!

Beach Towel Bag

Summer Crafts

Image source: The Golden Adventures

This handy DIY project from The Golden Adventures is totally amazing! The step-by-step is very well explained and adds lots of pictures to make it easier for beginners, anyone with a couple of spare hours will enjoy making this lovely beach towel bag. It is cuuuuute!!!!

Outside Seating

Summer CraftsImage source: Handimania
This is a project to recycle old tires. How creative to make old tires into beautiful outdoor ottomans. You will never look at old tires the same again! 🙂 You can place these creative outdoor seats in your backyard to gather your family and friends on a summer afternoon! Or congregate for a lovely evening of outdoor movie watching. Handimania shows you everything you need to know to bring this project to life.


Summer Crafts

Image source: Wonderful DIY

Recycling and spending quality time with your kids can come together when creating these DIY Cardboard Birdhouses. You’ll need:

  • Cardboard
  • Box cutter
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Fabric
  • Glue
  • Small piece of wire
  • Pliers
  • Hot glue gun

Butterfly Feeders

Summer Crafts

Image source: Handmade Charlotte

There’s more than one option to make butterfly feeders, but they’re all really easy to DIY at home. The one from the photo is not only cute, but also eco-friendly! Find materials and directions here. I absolutely love butterflies in my garden and adding this project to my “I gotta do this summer list” is a given.


Summe Crafts

Image source: One Little Project

Pinwheels can be a lovely addition to a summer day outdoors, they are easy to make and kids love them – and we love to see our children happy, right? Materials and instructions can be found at One Little Project. In addition, pinwheels can also be a nice decor addition.
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DIY Coasters

Summer Crafts

Image Source: Design Sponge

Anything that combines style and function is a must on the summer to-do list, which is the case for these amazing coasters. They’ll require a bit more time to make, but so worth it! Find all the materials, supplies and instructions at Design Sponge.

Custom Beach Ball

Summer Crafts

Image source: Studio DIY

Studio DIY gives you two ideas for decorating a plain beach ball, either pineapples or stripes. But you can pretty much follow your instincts and get creative with it! Whatever beach theme you love will make a beautiful and fun ball. Go for it!

Welcome Doormat

Summer Crafts

Image Source: eHow

All you need for this adorable welcome mat are:

  • A plain welcome mat
  • 1 large, all-purpose sponge
  • Sharp scissors
  • Detail paintbrush
  • Paint containers (plastic plates will do the trick)
  • Pink, green and black paints

You are basically cutting two pieces of the sponge to mold your watermelon – one for the slice, and one for the edge. Then dip these pieces into the paint and apply it on your mat, you may need to do this twice – don’t be afraid to load up the paint! Allow it to dry for about 20 minutes and use the detail brush to add black dots that will work as watermelon seeds. After setting it aside to dry overnight, you can add a final coat of waterproof spray paint to help protect the stamp you created during the summer.


Summer Crafts

Image Source: A Little Craft in Your Day

There is no doubt, people love suncatchers! They are so simple to make, and the results are wonderful. Not only suncatchers but also dream catchers are guaranteed fun – and they help keep the bad dreams away! Find the DIY tutorial here.

Bubble Blowers

Summer Crafts

Image source: Hello Bee

When sunny, summer days are just waiting for you to come outside and enjoy the nice weather, bring along some homemade bubble solution and blowers for some good clean fun…get it? Clean fun…okay, okay. I’m getting carried away. But is a great summer craft for you and your children and/or grandchildren. It’s such a relaxing activity and the whole family can make use of it while taking a break from playing summer games.


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17 thoughts on “10 DIY Projects that are Perfect for Summer time

  1. Antionette says:

    Yes, I like the candles in the jar idea and may try it for the 4th. Oh and yes, I will be using Citronella candles to keep the bugs at bay! Have a wonderful holiday! #ThursdayFavoritethingslinkup

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  3. Sarah says:

    I love the coasters and might have to pick up some blanks this week at the craft store. The kids (and their condensation on their iced drinks) are forgetting to use them and I think making a few new ones will be just the thing!

  4. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi Sarah. Thank you for following. I’ll just bet that if the kids make their own personal coaster, they would use them more often. Let me know how that works out for you.

  5. Leslie says:

    Such great ideas!! My six year old granddaughter is coming in a week. Love the bubbles and wand made from tinseled pipe cleaners. And the bird houses and butterfly feeders. Thanks for the inspiration.

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