10 Habits To Help You Keep Your Home Clean


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10 Habits To Help You Keep Your Home Clean

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Once you have gone through all the effort to seasonally deep clean don’t you wish your home would stay that clean throughout the year? It can. With a few new habits, you can keep your home sparkling clean. In this article I am sharing 10 Habits To Help You Keep Your Home Clean.

Of course, you will have to dust and clean bathrooms at least weekly, but deep cleaning can be done a lot less if you follow the habits below.

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  1. Pick up after yourself. Much of the mess in your home is likely self-inflicted. Do you set things down with a quiet promise that you will get to them later? Instead of adding extra work for yourself or letting the clutter accumulate, put things where they belong the first time. **


  1. Make your bed. It seems like such a simple thing but making your bed can set the standard for the day. And you do not have to set hospital corners when you make your bed. You can simply straighten the covers and fluff the pillows. But hospital corners will not hurt.

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  1. Clean as you go. How many times do you set things down and leave them for later? For example, when you are making something in the kitchen do you leave the mess to clean up later? Or do you clean as you go? Cleaning as you go helps you control the mess. It also means you do not have an overwhelming cleanup job when you are done. As a kid, I did not mind doing the dishes after a meal my mother prepared because she always kept up with the dishes as she prepared the meal. However, although I loved my dad to the moon and back, I cringed when he announced he was making his famous spaghetti. Why you ask? Because he made a mess of the kitchen and he left it that way. **


  1. Coral clutter. Many organization experts recommend a clutter coral. This is generally a basket or box where items can be placed. Then, at the end of the day, you put those items where they belong. If you live with others or have a family, this is a good job for them to tackle. Let your children and spouse put things away before they go to bed. Another idea is to have a basket or box for each person in the home. That way at the end of the day, each person is putting away their own things.

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  1. Go to bed clean. Generally, there is a room in the house where clutter gathers. Spend ten minutes at the beginning or end of each day and pick up that space. Make it part of your day and you can wake up knowing your home is clean and clutter-free.


  1. Enlist help. Make your family responsible for tasks and rooms. They can spend ten minutes each night straightening a room. It is a fast way to make sure your home stays clean and clutter-free. It is also a way to share the wealth of housework and to make everyone responsible for their living environment.

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  1. Assign a day. Give each room in your home a day for cleaning. While straightening is done every day, the deep cleaning should not need more than one time a week. And if you are enlisting help from your family then they can each tackle a room. Make a list of what you consider deep cleaning for each room, that way everyone knows what is expected of them.


  1. Keep cleaning products handy. Find or buy a tote bag or bin for each room. Place the cleaners for that room in the tote/bin. Then tuck the tote away. For example, your kitchen cleaners can be stored under your sink. Your bathroom cleaners can be stored in your linen closet and so on.


9. Make it part of the routine. Make cleaning and straightening part of your routine. Each night, for example, load and run the dishwasher or hand wash any dishes. Make it a rule to never to bed with dirty dishes in the sink. Set the coffee pot to brew ten minutes before you wake and then go to bed. It will only take you ten to fifteen minutes each night and it can become part of your bedtime routine. You will have the joy of waking each day to a fresh pot of coffee and a clean kitchen.

10. Simplify. The less stuff you have, the less you have to clean. Look around your home and see where you can simplify your life. If there is a piece of art that you do not particularly enjoy anymore, bless someone else with it and get it out of the house. If you no longer use a product (makeup, cleaning product, clothing, etc.) get rid of it.



These ten habits can change the way you maintain organization and cleanliness in your home. They will save you energy and time. They will eliminate the stress of a messy home and help you include the entire family in the household responsibilities.

Most importantly, they help you spend less time cleaning and more time on life’s more important tasks and joys.

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