12 Quick Hacks To Get & Remain Organized 

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12 Quick Hacks To Get & Remain Organized

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One of the best skills anyone can learn is the skill to get things organized and keep them organized. Sometimes the idea of organization can scare some people so much so, that they don’t even try. But, if you take the time to organize your home and life, the truth is everything will go much smoother.

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Organized Home

* Use Baskets and Cubbies – Build cubbies or use beautiful wicker baskets to collect the things that get misplaced or out-of-place around the house.

* Everything Has a Home – As you set up your home, put things in logical places that make sense. For example, coffee mugs should be stored near your coffee maker, as should the sugar and creamer.

* Clean as You Go – Whenever you do anything, clean as you go instead of leaving things out. Clutter is the number one reason a home looks dirty; not actual dirt.

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* Make Your Bed Right Away – Believe it or not, getting up and making your bed will start your day off right. Not only will you get in a bit of stretching but you’ll immediately transform your room.

* Keep a Running List – Put a pad of paper on your fridge. When you run out of anything, or are just low on it, write it down. Pull off the list each time you go to the store so you will not forget things.

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Organized Events and Appointments

* Sync Calendars – Everyone in the family should have an online calendar such as Google Calendar to keep track of dates. These calendars should all be synced so that anyone in the family can easily see what anyone in the family is doing today.

* Schedule Fun and Work – We have a tendency to only schedule “work” or doctor’s appointments. But, it is also important to schedule fun time, date night, one-on-one time with your family. This will ensure that it happens.


Organized Car

* Get a Trash Bucket – Keep trash in its place with a special container made for your vehicle. On trash day for your home, empty it as you pull your trash can out to the curb.

* Use a Glove Box-Sized Accordion File – Some things you must keep inside your car, but you want to keep it organized so find a file folder that fits in the glove box for these papers.

* Get a Dash Mount for Electronics – A mount for your phone and/or GPS will help keep everything well organized. You will always know right where your phone is, and you will be able to see your GPS easier.

The Skincare Must Have

Organized Office

* Create a Filing System – Deal with paper only once. When you get mail, put it in the “inbox”. When you touch it, make sure you open it and process it immediately, throwing away what you don’t need and filing the rest away.

* Keep Bills Organized – Get a numbered, slotted organizer; put the bills in there in the order you need to pay them. Alternatively, pay them via your bank online. Usually, this is called “Bill Pay” or something like that. You can schedule payments the moment you get the bill, and then file away.

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Creating a system of organization might feel strange at first, but after just a few weeks it will become second nature. You will be able to get more done because you are not spending your time finding missing paperwork, or cleaning up messes before you can get down to work.

Organize your life

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