10 New & Improved-Household Products To Make Your Life Easier

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10 New and Improved Household Products

I am always on the lookout for household products to make life and chores easier to tackle. Products that can make my day-to-day chores less time-consuming. Products that will take the fear out of living an organized life. I have a few items I want to share with you. Some of them are “just ok” in my opinion but you never know what will resonate with someone else so I always share what I find with you, my tribe, just in case it will make your life easier as well. I love it when I find something that helps you to live that organized and calm life we are all striving for.  I hope I have chosen a couple of those for you below.

Reusable  Shopping Bags

These are wonderful. Not only are they good for the environment, they are also very easy to carry, They have sturdy “comfortable” straps. Some of the bags are even insulated to maintain the appropriate temperature and to keep chilled or frozen food cold. This one gets a gold star which means I want it. You can find the reusable shopping bags here.

Shopping Bags

H2Go Bottle

How about this H2Go bottle? It’s slim and very portable. It will fit in pocket of a travel bag for easy traveling. I am also thinking that you can probably place it in the freezer to get it chilled. Not frozen solid, but enough so the beverage remains cold. This is perfect for someone who travels a lot. Would fit perfectly in your carry-on bag.You can purchase the H2Go bother here.

Water Disspensers

60-Second Salad Maker

If you are a salad lover like I am, this is definitely perfect for you. I must have this.  It’s called the 60-Second Salad Maker and it makes all that salad prep easy peasy. You cut your veggies by placing your knife in the grooves. Everything chopped/cut in one easy swoop. This is ingenious. This will make eating healthy much easier.This one gets a gold star. I’m excited about this one and you can purchase it here. 

Salad Maker









Critter Sprayer

Are you a DIYer like me? If so you will absolutely love this Critter Sprayer. It looks so simple and uncomplicated compared to the one I have. What I love about it is there aren’t a whole lot of parts to clean after you are done using it. I have one and I like it, but I think I am going to add this to my wish list and ask for it for my next holiday gift. Maybe my birthday or Mother’s Day. 🙂 This one gets a gold star. This is one I want for myself and you can get yours here.


Upside-Down Umbrella

I think this is the best thing ever. I had the chance to try one out recently and this is on my wish list as well. I am sure you’ve seen the commercial for the Wind-proof, upside down umbrella. Well if you haven’t let me tell you I think they are worth every penny. They resist inverting from the wind, they close inside out to make it easier to maneuver them once you are in your car and no more water dripping on you as you place your umbrella in the passenger’s seat. This is a great invention and I want it. I am planning to order some of these as promotional items for my 9 – 5 as well. This one gets a gold star. You can order yours here.


Painter Assistant

This is another tool I will need to add to my toolbox. This can save me a lot of money. I like to hire painters for large jobs because I am such a perfectionist and paint on the ceiling or trim really bothers me, but this should eliminate that issue and hubs and I can take on more of the painting jobs ourselves. . I am going to start with my bathroom. I’ll let you know how it works out. But this one gets a gold star. You can purchase it here.


Shopping Bags

If you are into recycling and prefer not to fill the landfills with plastic shopping bags, these shopping bags are perfect for you. And if you are an organization enthusiastic at heart, just think of how you can separate your groceries yourself while shopping and not have things all mixed up by the bagger. All you need to do is have the cashier empty each bag and refill it once scanned and your items will remain where you’ve placed them. How great is that? You can get your bags here.

Shopping Bags

Refrigerator Storage

I love the added space these under shelf drawers provide; however, I would not add 2 per shelf because I would need the height that the shelves take away. But I would certainly add 1 per shelf. They would be great for cheese and produce or yogurt cups, don’t you think? I think they are really cute and useful. You can get yours here.

Magnetic Charging Cable

Hubs is in love with this and has already ordered two. Funny how I don’t have to order technology gadgets but I do the household gadgets. I wish here were as excited about the cricket painter as he was about these magnetic chargers. 🙂 This magnetic micro USB cable can easily Connect/Disconnect your Device with One Hand; Quickly Unplug your Phone while in a Rush; Find your Phone/Tablet in the Dark; Connect/Disconnect your Device with Ease while Driving; Less Damaged device due to a reduced insertion/extraction of cable(due to magnetic, please avoid contact between magnetic end and iron objects to prevent short circuit and clean the magnetic end frequently) This one gets a gold star. You can get yours here.

Charging Cable

EZ Stack

This is one of my favorite. I’ve shared it before but I like it so much that I’m sharing it again. You can use these for folding clothing of course. And everything looks so neat. I love the fact that you can see the colors clearly. It’s easy to pull one piece out without disturbing the others. You can use these on a shelf or in your dresser drawers. They are wonderful.  But these stackables are so versatile they could be used in your office as well. Use to stack papers or to separate different colored craft paper products. This one gets 2 gold stars and you can order yours here.

EZ Stax

Folded Clothing

There you have it. Ten of the current products on my radar. I think there is something here for almost everyone. I also know they will make organization easier and why not do what makes life easier…right? I have my favorites and I am certain, you will as well. I would love it if you would leave a comment with the ones you like best or that you order. I would love to connect. Are you a gadget junky like I am ? Enjoy.

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10 thoughts on “10 New & Improved-Household Products To Make Your Life Easier

  1. candy says:

    Thinking I need those EZ stacks to help straighten up my office. I can never have to many reusable shopping bags that hold up.

  2. Grammy Dee says:

    Thank you Clearissa for sharing at #BloggingGrandmothersLinkParty #LinkUp #BlogParty. I shared on social media. And thank you for co-hosting the party 🙂

  3. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi Candy, I ordered the insulated reusable bags and they are wonderful!! My next order will be more stackable trays. They work great in my office and Hubs has way too many tee-shirts and this could be my storage solution. Keep your fingers crossed. And they are reasonably priced which is always good. Thanks for reading along.

  4. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi Dee. I think the little storage drawers would add some much needed space to any fridge. And the upside umbrella is really a great idea. I only wish I had invented it. Thanks for stopping by.

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