10 Green Household Uses for White Vinegar


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10 Green Household Uses for White Vinegar

Note: Since I first wrote this article, my favorite auntie has passed from labor to reward, however, she left me with a legacy I would not trade for the anything. This post is in honor of how she and I interacted, loved, shared and simply learned from and enjoyed each other. Aunt “T” this one is for you. It’s all about the white vinegar.

A couple of years ago, I was having a great time catching up with my favorite auntie. She is/was the only one left that remembers me on my mother’s side of the family. There is one other but it is my understanding that she is not coherent any longer and dementia has taken its toll. Another story for another time. For this piece, I want to focus on the fun and positivity that I still feel when I speak and/or spend time with this special woman. In her 80’s, she is still spiffy (her word), concerned about how she looks, breaking down a hat for church on Sunday and full of great stories both old and new.

On this occasion, we were discussing my dilemma with a glass dining table that I could not clean. Yes, I used one of the most popular glass cleaners and although it removed fingerprints and other apparent grime, it left a film. The glass was NOT crystal clear. I happened to mention this to my auntie and she said in her “didn’t you know this” tone, use vinegar baby. Let me say, my family roots are deeply planted in the south and I say that to say this, I was taught to use what we had to clean, cook and run a household. Vinegar was one of those old wives tales I remembered from my grandmother but had since filed it away and moved on to the popular store bought products. My auntie and I moved on to other topics but I once again filed away that little nugget about the use of vinegar.

While cleaning one day, I pulled out my small bottle of vinegar and wet a paper towel with its contents.  I used another paper towel to dry the table and I was in awe. To my surprise, there was no film. That one encounter with my auntie is the reason for this article. After the vinegar worked so well on my table, I was curious to know what other great advice and other cleaning and/or household tips I had filed away and never used.

I phoned my auntie to give her full credit for my streakless table and to tell her I had done some research and found that vinegar was really a miracle household product.

So we know that vinegar works wonders on glass (some but not all – I have found that some glass responds to the vinegar while some older glass surfaces, like the mirror in my master bathroom actually responds better to the popular brand). But I was curious and decided to delve a bit deeper to determine other uses for vinegar. Now that you have all of the background information, I am going to share 10 uses for vinegar you may not have considered. Unless, of course, you have researched it as I have or have a very smart and spiffy auntie. But if you haven’t – not to worry, that’s why you read my blog…right? So I can do the research for and share with you. 🙂 Be sure to use pure distilled white vinegar for your cleaning projects.

The Many Uses for Vinegar:

  1. as we mentioned above, it is a natural way to clean your glass surfaces (mirrors, glass top table, doors, etc. most things glass will respond positively to vinegar)
  2. clean the dishwasher (place a dishwasher-safe container, filled with vinegar, on the top shelf of the dishwasher and run it through a full cycle)
    • your dishwasher should not only be cleaner but smell fresh as well
  3. clean and freshen a washer and dryer
    • wipe the inside of the dryer down with a cloth soaked in vinegar
    • wipe the washer inside and out with a vinegar soaked cloth
    • wipe the dryer vent out with a vinegar soaked cloth
    • throw the cloth into the washer and run the washer through a complete cycle using a cup of vinegar
    • throw the clean clothes in the dryer and run it through a dryer cycle
    • both appliances should be clean and odor free
  4. clean the grime and unclog your shower head (this saved me money because I was considering purchasing a new shower head because mine was clogged – not anymore)
  • shower head flowing slowly, pour a half cup of vinegar in a plastic bag
  • place the plastic bag over the shower head and use a rubber band or strong tie to hold the plastic bag over the shower head
  • allow to soak for at least 30 minutes
  • run the shower for 5 minutes using hot water
  • tada…no more clogs
  1. clean and refresh refrigerator
    • remove everything from the refrigerator
    • wipe down all shelves ( I add vinegar to my soapy dishwater)
    • wipe down door shelves
    • wipe out drawers
    • add a new box of baking soda to continue to absorb any other odors
    • wipe down every bottle or box or storage item returning to the refrigerator with vinegar water
  2. remove a stain from carpet
    • Make a paste of 2 tablespoons vinegar and ¼ cup salt or baking soda
    • rub into the stain and let dry (allow to dry overnight)
    • vacuum the residue
    • note: always test an out-of-sight part of the carpet before using on a visible area of the carpet
  3. Keep flowers fresh and blooming ( I have not tried this one…yet)
    • add 2 tbsps sugar and 2 tbsps vinegar to a quart vase of water
    • remember to change water and trim stems every 3 days
  4. Revitalize paint brushes
    • Soak paint brushes in hot distilled vinegar
  5. Relieve sunburn (I have not had the occasion to try this)
    • rub white distilled vinegar on affected skin. Reapply as required
  6. Clean Microwave
    • place 1/2-cupvinegar and 1/2-cup water in a glass bowl
    • microwave 2-3 minutes, or until it boils
    • wipe buildup away with ease!

I hope these tips will prove helpful to you. It all began with a comment from one of my elders. And now that she is gone, I want to hold on to that memory for the rest of my life. It’s becoming more and more apparent that it is the little things that make life memorable. Sending you hugs Aunt “T”. I miss you.

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11 thoughts on “10 Green Household Uses for White Vinegar

  1. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi Lillian, I am just getting into making other cleaners. But vinegar is wonderful. I use it for so many things. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you will again.

  2. Audrey says:

    I use vinegar quite often. And I can hear your aunt’s tone of voice saying, “Use vinegar, baby.” I had a few relatives like that too.

  3. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi Audrey, thank you for stopping in. Vinegar is the best. I keep a gallon jar in the pantry at all times. 🙂 Yes, my auntie was quite special. I miss her terribly. She was full of good advice but it was her delivery that meant even more. I hope you will stop in regularly.

  4. Clearissa Coward says:

    Hi Debrashooppeno5. I have not used the cleaning vinegar. I always use the original, but I will give it a try too. Thanks for the info and for stopping by. I hope you will become a regular. Have a blessed evening.

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