An Inexpensive Fall Wreath


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With the hall table scape complete,  I can move on to my front door. How do you like my fall wreath? You may like it a little more once I share the price and ease of creation. Yes sir…another bargain. Soon I will be dubbed the bargain hunter and I am AOK with that because I am learning to do everything on a budget. Well almost everything. 🙂 I still splurge on certain things.

The wreath is burlap and I purchased it from our local pottery.  It was on sale at the end of the season last year and has been lying in wait to make its debut. The Welcome Friends sign is a special buy from Big Lots. I love the price of the sign $4.99. That was perfect for me and my budget conscious decorating style. It was quite simple to put them together. I did not have the wreath with me when I purchased the “welcome” sign; therefore, I had to guesstimate the size the sign needed to be to fit into the center of the wreath. I think I did a pretty good job of guesstimating. What do you think?

Marrying the two was as simple as looping  a garbage bag tie through the attached hanger on the sign and tied it to the attached hanger on the wreath. The wreath hanger is then hung on the door using one of those over-the-door wreath hangers. I never needed my toolbox for this project. My favorite kind of DIY…Simple! And I’m thinking I could change out the center of the wreath with other looks as well. But for now, I love this combination.

The rustic burlap goes well with the rustic tin of the sign.  To make matters even better, the wreath was on sale for $19.99 and the welcome friends sign only $4.99. Total $24.98 for a very unique and one of a kind fall greeting for my door. I am thinking this look can carry me all the way up to the holiday season. Do you agree?

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